Touchscreen Rearview Mirror Dual Dash Camera Review

Touchccreen Rearview Mirror Dual Dash Camera Review

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Takeaway: Bare minimum requirements for dashcam, easy to use and install but low quality video and audio.

You'll receive the rearview mirror camera, two mirror attachment bands, a cigarette lighter adapter w/right-angle microUSB connector, a backup camera, double-sided tape and screws for moutning, a 16GB microSD card, a microSD card reader, and instruction manual.
The mirror is quite large, it measures 12" by 3". The LCD is on the right hand side and has a 5" diagonal. The mirror is slightly darker than plain glass and has a deep blue tint to it. On the side that faces the windshield is the camera for the unit which sits on a ball joint and can swivel. There's also external speakers for sound playback. Along the top you have the miniUSB power port, AV in for the rear camera, TF card slot and this sealed off section is marked GPS, but no GPS is installed. Along the bottom of the mirror are the controls. Be sure to peel off the protective plastic sheet to get the clearest view of the glass and screen.

The unit is quick and straightforward to install in a sedan. The rear camera should be installed just over the license plate and can be connected to your reverse lights so that it automatically comes up on the screen with guide lines when backing up. When the car is started, the camera automatically turns on (if plugged into a cigarette lighter adapter port that is off when the car is off). The screen is touch sensitive so you can select options by simply tapping on the glass, although this tends to leave fingerprints on the mirror. Tapping the CSI icon switches the camera view so you can view both the front/rear cameras with picture-in-picture, half and half split, front camera only, or rear camera only. The DVR has options like a G-sensor, park monitoring mode, various clip lengths, and optional audio recording. From the main menu you can enter photo mode and take still photos for both the front and back camera, or you can go to playback mode and view the photos and videos on the card.

There's a few issues with teh camera software. First is that all the resolution modes are mislabeled, with the highest resolution being 1080p (not 1296), the second 720p, and the lowest 480p. Despite the larger file sizes and dimensions, the quality during playback remains the same for 720p and 1080p so it seems the video is simply up-scaled without any improvement to detail or clarity. While you can generally see what's going on around you, you can't really make out license plates of cars and the image is somewhat grainy and blurry at a distance. The rear camera is also not very good with dark and fuzzy images even during the day. Neither allow you to see much during nighttime driving conditions. The license plate stamp on the screen doesn't have enough characters to capture all US license plates and is always prefixed by a Chinese character which cannot be disabled. The audio is also very muffled. Overall, this dual camera set meets the bare minimum for a dashboard camera and had pretty disappointing performance. While it records both front and back but the image and audio quality aren't great. The only redeeming features for this budget camera aside from the low price point are its ease of installation and touchscreen controls.

Buy it at Amazon: Touchccreen Rearview Mirror Dual Dash Camera [Affiliate Link]


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