Xgody S800 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Xgody S800 True Wireless Earbuds Review

Buy it at Amazon: Xgody S800 True Wireless Earbuds [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Decent sound reproduction and battery life on a budget, lightweight, but occasional connectivity blips.

You'll receive two individual ear pieces, one for left and one for right, a dual-charging microUSB cable, two extra sets of silicone eartips, and an instruction manual.
The earpieces are made mostly of plastic with a rubber ear hook that is fairly flexible. Each earpiece has a microphone, status LED, charging port, and multifunction button on the outside of the driver. The earphones come pre-installed with the medium size eartips, but you'll also get a small and a large size. Before first use, you'll want to charge the headsets up using the included cable which can charge both units at the same time. This takes about 90 minutes and a full charge can last up to 6 hours of continuous playback, depending on volume level and up to 5 days of standby time.

To pair these together and to your phone, first select which earpiece you want to be the primary one that connects to your phone and press the power button for five seconds to enter pairing mode. The prompts are fairly loud so I recommend doing this while not in your ears. Then go to your phone's Bluetooth menu and pair with ‘S800'. Then, to pair the second earpiece to the first, simply power it on and it should connect to the first automatically; I found this operation to be quick and reliable, always within 1 second of turning on the second earpiece. After this, you can simply power on both earpieces and they'll connect with your phone automatically going forward.

When wearing the headsets, the large bulky side wraps around your ear in order to keep it in place during rigorous activity like running and working out. They're also sweatproof and water-resistant rated IPX67. I thought the main body attached to the hooks would be big and uncomfortable but I really didn't notice them much. I did notice that the passive noise isolation isn't impressive and even with the ear tips creating a good seal, I could still hear plenty going on around me. That is, until I started playing music. At moderate volumes, ambient sounds are blocked almost completely. In fact, the earpieces can get quite loud and I never had to turn it up to max volume, which could potentially damage your hearing. That said I never had the volume up high enough for there to be any distortion. Note though too, that there is no volume control on the earpieces themselves and volume is controlled solely by your transmitting device. I found the sound quality to be round and well-balanced with a full bass, although the mid ranges tended to sound slightly muffled. While enjoyable most of the time, the signal was occasionally unreliable with the sound periodically dropping from one or both earpieces for a fraction of a second before resuming, even while I was sitting still with my phone nearby. This resulted in a somewhat inconsistent listening experience.

Overall, these wireless earpieces did a decent job with sound reproduction and are light weight and comfortable to wear. If you can deal with an occasional blip in the audio they're not bad for the price since they give you freedom from wires and a decent amount of run time between charges.

Buy it at Amazon: Xgody S800 True Wireless Earbuds [Affiliate Link]


  1. Hi there just read your review I bought the earbubs were working great but after 2 months they wint pick up signal from 2 of my devices which they did no problem still get reception in other devices just not original 2 I used any ideas thanks

    1. Hm, the earbuds can save device addresses to memory to connect with them automatically after the first pairing. Perhaps those records got corrupted somehow. I recommend resetting the ear buds. I think the process is, while the ear buds are off, hold down the power button for 5 seconds, then plug the charging cable in and connect to the wall while holding down the button. The LEDs should flash several times. When this happens you can let go of the power button. Then put the unit in pairing mode by pressing and holding the power button until you hear it prompt "pairing". Then try pairing it again with the original 2 devices. Hope this works for you!


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