Ti-Muses Earbuds Tiamat's Newest True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (WA-01) Review

Ti-Muses Earbuds Tiamat's Newest True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (WA-01) Review

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Takeaway: Affordable truly wireless earphones with decent sound quality, but has connectivity and video sync issues.

You'll receive the earbuds in a small charging case, an instruction manual, microusb charging cable, and three sets of extra silicone ear tips. The case is a small pillbox cylinder shape and has a soft silicone exterior and transparent acrylic lid. The lid is magnetic and simply lifts off. Inside the two earbuds are simply gravity seated in their wireless charging slots. Pressing the silver button in the middle will display the battery life of the case using four leds, each light representing 25% of charge remaining. The case charges via microUSB but is also equipped with Qi wireless charging, so if you have a wireless charging base you can simply set the case down on the pad and it will, start charging as well. The case takes about 2 hours to fully charge and can charge both earbuds fully up to 5 times.

The ear buds come preinstalled with a set of medium eartips but you can easily replace them with the extra small, medium, or large ear tips. The earbuds are clearly labeled ‘L' and ‘R' for left and right. On the outside face is a single power/multifunction button and pinhole mic. The earbuds are sweat and water resistant (IPX5) but cannot be completely submerged in water. The earbuds pair with each other automatically when powered on. The left earbud will always be the primary one that pairs with your phone. Once paired, you'll hear a confirmation message and your phone will stream the audio from music and video files through the earbuds.

During playback you can start or pause playback be single pressing the power button on either earpiece. To skip to the next track short press the power button twice. Because each earpiece is equipped with a microphone, you can also answer incoming calls by short pressing the power button, and you can hangup the call by pressing the button at any time during the call. On a full charge, each earbud can play continuously for about 3 hours depending on playback volume and will start beeping when the battery is low. To charge them, simply place them back in the case and they will turn off automatically. Charging the earbuds takes about 1hr.

Performance wise the audio quality of the earbuds is clear and nicely balanced. The sound stage is fairly narrow, but I was pleasantly surprised with the bass response which was able to produce mid and low bass ranges with good definition although the higher registers tended to sound somewhat thin making distortion in the treble ranges noticeable at louder volumes. With a good seal the passive noise isolation is pretty decent, allowing you to block out most external noise at moderate volumes. My one complaint is that at lower volumes I can hear a bit of signal noise buzzing in the background of the right earbud, which is pretty obvious between tracks, but for the most part it's unnoticeable during playback. There is no volume control on the earbuds so that needs to be controlled through your phone. These earbuds aren't perfect for watching video because the sync lag is fairly apparent resulting in a delay in audio from the video. I also occasionally experienced disconnections which resulted in playback coming through my phone speakers for a few seconds until the earbuds reconnected with the phone. This happened primarily when one or both earbuds were low on battery. The earbuds can also be used singly with mono output.

Overall, for a budget set of true wireless earphones, I think these performed pretty nicely. With decent sounding audio quality, convenient wireless charging for both the earbuds and the case, and a compact form factor; perfect for workouts and leisure listening. These aren't great for watching video though, and the battery life on a single charge isn't great for all day listening though and you would need to charge a few times during the day if you plan to listen for extended periods of time.

Buy it at Amazon: Ti-Muses Earbuds Tiamat's Newest True Wireless Bluetooth Earphones (WA-01) [Affiliate Link]


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