FiveHome WiFi Extender Repeater w/LAN port Review

FiveHome WiFi Extender Repeater w/LAN port Review

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Takeaway: Quick and simple to setup, extends WiFi and improves signal from host router but only at close-medium range.

You'll receive the Range Extender, an instruction manual, and reset pin taped to the user manual. The range extender is a lightweight plastic box that simply plugs into any wall outlet in range of your existing WiFi signal. It measures about 3" square and will stick out about 1-1/4" from the wall when plugged in. On the left and right hand side are two antennae which can be swiveled into the up position. On the front of the unit is a WPS one-touch setup button and 4 LEDs for the different functions: Extender, WiFi, LAN, and Power. On the back is some information about the network settings including the IP address, network name, default login, and MAC address. This unit can be used in outlets with 100-240V and 50-60Hz.

The extender should be basically plug-and-play. It can be setup via WPS or direct connection to the extender's WiFi. When setting up with WPS, the extender will use the same network name as the host router like a mesh network. However, with direct connection setup, the extender SSID name cannot be the same as the host network SSID. Once successfully connected, if you want to change the network settings on the extender, you will have to reset the extender using the reset pin tool.

After setup, you're free to move the extender to any room to improve the WiFi signal and connection speeds, as long as it's still in range of your host router. I found that the extend was able to improve the WiFi signal srength in some locations of my house. In general, the signal had to already be around 70-80% strength in order for the extender to make a good connection. When signal strength from the host router dropped to 65% or lower, the extender had trouble maintaining a reliable connection to it. The other thing this unit does is give me access to an Ethernet port without running cable throughout my home and this feature worked well. Overall, the WiFi extender was super quick and simple to setup on my network. It improved the overall signal strength of the WiFi on the second floor of my home, one story away from where the router is located, although it wasn't powerful enough to bring the signal down to the basement.

Buy it at Amazon: FiveHome WiFi Extender Repeater w/LAN port [Affiliate Link]


  1. Hello! Help me please. Actually - after a few days - having a lot of issues with this - it connects to my network, and after 1-1.5 hours, only already connected devices can work, new ones cannot connect, the only way is by disconnecting from the power and re-connect. Sometimes I even have to reset the whole thing there is no management option it seems only a "one" time extender/repeater - every couple of hours...restart!

    I found out that the problem is in the pre-installed firmware. However, there is an updated version of the firmware for this device, but I cannot find it. Could you share some information on this topic?


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