HiCool 120 Inch Portable Fabric Projection Screen Review

HiCool 120 Inch Portable Fabric Projection Screen Review

Buy it at Amazon: HiCool 120 Inch Portable Fabric Projection Screen [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Large screen size, lighweight, good quality, easy to set up but doesn't always stay "square."

You'll receive the movie screen, two nylon cords, 16 damage-free double-sided stick tapes, and 16 plastic hanging hooks. The nylon cords are about 17' long each but have frayed ends because they don't come sealed. However, it's simple enough to use a small torch of stick lighter to melt the ends preventing them from unraveling on you.

The projector screen is lightweight and only weighs about 2 pounds. It has a 1-1/4" black fabric border and stretchy white interior made of 92% Polyster, 8% Spandex like that of sports and athletic wear. The border is not as stretchy though and is made of a stiffer material. The corners are only partially finished and remain open on the ends, so I had to close them off with a needle and thread although it's not expressly necessary unless you're worried about it fraying. The metal grommets are spaced about every 2 feet. Since the screen is fabric, you can clean it with mild detergent or a damp cloth. However, the screen needs to remain white to be useful so machine washing is not recommended, and you should avoid allowing it to come into contact with anything that may stain it or rub off color. The material is opaque enough so you can't see through it, but will allow for both front and rear projection for viewing movies.

For me, I don't really have a lot of wall space, so I ended up hanging the screen on a lightweight aluminum frame using the cords. This worked okay, although my frame was a tad small for the dimensions (despite being marketed as a 120" frame). I imagine it's probably a bit tricky to find the right space and anchor points to hang this outdoors using the cords. Also, keep in mind if hanging on the wall using the mounting hooks, make sure they pull the screen outward towards the borders, rather than installing all the hooks face "up." I did appreciate that the included double-sided tape is the damage-free kind that stretches to release and won't rip the paint off your walls.

When fully open, the screen measures 105"W x 65"L making the visible diagonal 120" (not including the black border). Even without being pulled completely taught, the screen performed well on the frame. There were very few wrinkles where properly stretched, giving my projected image bright colors and a smooth surface to display on. Just be aware that 120" requires most mini projectors to be placed 16-18' away from the screen, so if your room isn't large enough the projected image won't fill the screen. When viewed from the opposite side of the screen from where the projector is located you can watch the projected video/images clearly, although the brightness will be slightly dimmer. You'll also have to make sure to change the settings in the projector to flip the image horizontally, otherwise you'll see a mirror image when rear projecting.

Overall, the projector screen worked pretty well with my mini LED DLP projector. The colors were bright and properly reproduced, the screen is lightweight making it easy to transport, and it was quick to set up with either the ropes or wall hangers, as long as you have something to hang it on and a large enough space. I do wish it came with a better carrying bag than the plastic ziplock to keep it clean and protected, but a clean bag or box should do the trick.

Buy it at Amazon: HiCool 120 Inch Portable Fabric Projection Screen [Affiliate Link]


  1. dear how much price in
    pK rupees . how can i buy this fibric120 " screen .?

    1. Hello, I found a 120" fabric projection screen that can be shipped to Pakistan on Ebay: https://ebay.to/2I8iDRw [Ebay Affiliate Link] The price for the screen is $65 USD = 9,022 PKR. This does not include the shipping fee (free shipping is available), the cost which will depend on your specific location. You can find more information, expedited shipping cost, or place an order using this link: https://ebay.to/2I8iDRw [Ebay Affiliate Link]


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