Zen Bidet Cascada-350 Sink Installed Bidet Sprayer Review

Zen Bidet Cascada-350 Sink Installed Bidet Sprayer Review

Buy it at Amazon: Zen Bidet Cascada-350 Sink Installed Bidet Sprayer [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Durable all-metal construction, easy to install, strong or gentle spray.

You'll receive the bidet sprayer head, 2-way diverter, a female thread adapter, a male thread adapter, two rubber washers, a sprayer hanging bracket, wall mounting hardware, a roll of plumber's tape, an all metal 5.5' flexible hose, and a set of illustrated instructions. The instructions are well-written and easy to follow with helpful tips, so be sure to read them completely before beginning installation. The way this bidet sprayer works is the diverter will connect to your bathroom sink faucet in place of the typical aerator. The hose connection on the right attaches to the bidet hose and sprayer, while on the bottom you have a faucet aerator, so you can continue to use the sink faucet. The lever on the left allows you to switch the water flow between the faucet on the bottom and the bidet sprayer.

The kit comes with rubber washers to be used at all the connections, so the plumber's tape is not expressly necessary, but you can use it if you experience any leaking. Note that some faucets may require use of an adapter for the diverter to fit the faucet and the kit includes an M24x1 and F22x1 thread adapters. If you need a different size adapter for your sink, reach out to Zen Bidet and they'll either send you the adapter you need or help you find a vendor where you can purchase one. Installation takes only a few minutes and requires no plumbing experience or knowledge. Just make sure your sink tap is off before starting.

With the diverter lever in the up position, when the water is turned on, it will dispense from the faucet on the bottom of the diverter. Moving the lever to the down position cuts off water flow to the aerator and switches it to the bidet. To activate the bidet, press down on the thumb trigger; to stop the flow of water, simply let go of the trigger. There are two ways to adjust the pressure of the bidet spray. One is press the trigger only partway rather than fully, for a gently spray versus a hard spray, and the other is to change the water pressure at the tap. You can also adjust the temperature by using the faucet's mixer or turning on the hot water tap. If you want to use both the faucet and the sprayer at the same time, you can set the diverter level in the middle.

You can store/hang the bidet sprayer head nearby the toilet using the hanging bracket by either wall mounting it or hanging the bracket off the side of the toilet tank. The sprayer is also useful for cleaning your tub or shower or even giving your pets or children a bath. It can be attached to many standard kitchen sink faucets as well, using the same adapters, to add a convenient sprayer for washing dishes if your sink doesn't already have one.

Overall the bidet sprayer is well-made, easy to install, and hygienic. It'll save you money on toilet paper and leave you feeling fresh and clean. You can retrofit almost any sink faucet and still be able to use it to wash your hands after washing up.

Buy it at Amazon: Zen Bidet Cascada-350 Sink Installed Bidet Sprayer [Affiliate Link]


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