Aiboo Plug LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Review

Aiboo Plug LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights Review

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Takeaway: Easy to install, bright, low-profile; convenient no drilling or wiring needed.

In the six light kit, you'll receive 6 LED lights with 6.5' wires, a 6-to-1 power hub, an RF controller unit, AC adapter with 6.5' cord, a remote control, magnetic storage plate, double-sided adhesive for the plate, 12 total double sided round stickers, instruction manuals, and a set of mounting screws, if you don't want to use the sticky pads. The LED lights are small and have a slim profile, with only 1/4" of thickness and a diameter of 2.25". The casing is made from a shiny machined aluminum and the cable off the back of each measures 6.5' long. Assembly is pretty straight forward and you don't have to use all 6 lights if you don't need them.

You'll need to decide whether you want to use the adhesive pads to mount this lights or the included screws which require you to drill into your cabinets (or wherever you'll be mounting them). If using the screws, you'll need to unscrew the cap on each light housing, and remove the acrylic diffuser plate. Underneath you'll see the 9 individual LEDs of each light and 3 holes. You'll use the two outer holes with the screws when mounting.

Remember to remove the plastic battery saver tab from the remote control before use. The remote buttons are power, light mode, brightness up and down, brightness quick select for 100, 50, and 25%, flashing pattern selection keys, and flashing speed keys. Since these are plug-in lights, you don't need to add any wiring in the wall. Simply choose an outlet near where you'll be installing the lights. With the 6.5' cords, the lights have a 13' reach from one end to the other, which should be plenty of run length for most home installations. Note that this kit does not include any cable management clips, so during the installation, I temporarily taped up the wires until I was able to get adhesive wire clips, which I ordered separately. This also allowed me to move and adjust the light placement after they were all up.

Using only 4 of the warm white lights is plenty bright for my counter space under four 25" wide cabinets. The dimmer function has 20 brightness levels though the remote lets you quickly select 100, 50, or 25% brightness. At any brightness you can activate the flashing modes by pressing either of the mode keys to cycle forward or back through the various patterns. For each pattern you can adjust the speed of the flashing from fast to slow in about 10 increments. There are also a number of flashing and fading patterns from linear to hyperbolic. While I didn't find the flashing modes to be that useful, they're there if you want to use them. The remote is pretty responsive and doesn't need to point directly at the receiver nor does it need a direct line of sight. It'll even work through walls.

Overall, this plug-in LED under-cabinet puck lighting kit was very easy to install and works great. It has bright but dimmable lights that are low profile, plenty of extra cable, which I hid in the spaces between the cabinets. The easy-to-use wireless remote control makes the lights super convenient to use and I was able to store the remote on the inside panel of one of the cabinet doors using the magnetic mount and adhesive sticker. Best of all, I didn't have to drill any holes in my cabinets or get an electrician to do the wiring since it's a plug-in unit.

A side note, I used about 30 low-profile adhesive cable clips for my 4 light installation to manage and organize the wires (including the power cable). For more information about ow I arranged the wires, check out my review on the clips here. I also used some of the leftover sticker sheets to mount the IR controller box and the in-line power switch on the power cord to the bottom of my cabinets as well.

Buy it at Amazon: Aiboo Plug LED Under Cabinet Puck Lights [Affiliate Link]


  1. If power goes out and then comes back on, do the previous settings still apply such as the dimming levels or does it need to be reset with the remote from a manufacturers power up default mode?

    1. If the power goes out completely (or the unit is unplugged and plugged in again) it returns to the default settings and the settings would have to be reset using the remote.

  2. If I put them on a switched outlet because I don't want the remote to be removed by renters, will they return to 100% brightness the next time they are switched on?


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