Beisiwo USB Desktop Microphone Review

Beisowo USB Desktop Microphone Review

Buy it at Amazon: Beisowo USB Desktop Microphone [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Affordable, clear and focused sound w/ slight background hum; cardioid/shotgun pickup pattern

You'll receive the microphone and an instruction manual. The mic is made from lightweight plastic and sits on a 3" diameter base. It features a 4" flexible gooseneck that bends and swivels 360° and 3" shotgun style mic which comes with a foam windscreen. The permanently attached USB cable is 44" long and there is a single on/off button towards the front with a green LED that lights up when the mic is on and is off when the mic is muted. On the bottom are four textured rubber feet that help the mic grip your desk, though I found that it doesn't really prevent the mic from sliding.

The manual states that this is an omni-directional microphone which would mean that it should sound the same no matter what direction you're speaking from. However, I found that the pickup pattern is more like a cardioid or shotgun pattern, meaning that it captures sound from the front of the mic most clearly, and the volume from other directions, especially from the back, drop off. When compared with other microphones that I've used, the USB desktop mic was a great improvement to the onboard mic of my tablet. It did, however, have some background electronic humming, no matter what device I was recording on (e.g. computer, laptop, etc.) The sound was not as clean and clear as my Yeti microphone, but at only a fraction of the price, the quality was decent. The most useful feature of the microphone is its ability to pick up sound from a distance in a very focused area. This makes it great for video where you don't want a mic blocking your face, or if you have to place the mic far away and simply point it in the direction you need it to pick up sound.

If you're on a budget and you don't need a professional grade mic, this mic would work well for you if you are making solo videos, but if you have more than one speaker and need to capture sound from a couple locations around the mi (like in a conference room) or need to capture other ambient sounds, this mic might not be the best choice. The manual has some pretty good descriptions of proper use and applications that are useful and easy to understand. It works great for things like Skype, gaming, and home recording.

Buy it at Amazon: Beisowo USB Desktop Microphone [Affiliate Link]


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