DVeeTech Dashboard Camera Car DVR Dashcam Review

DVeeTech Dashboard Camera Car DVR Dashcam Review

Buy it at Amazon: DVeeTech Dashboard Camera Car DVR Dashcam [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Compact, clear HD video and audio, wide angle view; easy to set up and download footage w/ plenty of basic dashcam features.EXCLUSIVE 40% off code below!

DVeeTech Dashboard Camera Car DVR Dashcam [Affiliate Link]
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You'll receive the camera, a suction cup mount, miniUSB cigarette lighter plug with 11' cable and right-angle jack, and a quick start guide. The camera is made from a lightweight plastic and has a 1080p 170° wide angle lens as well as an external speaker on its front. It measures 3.5"W x 2"L x 1.25"D. The LCD screen has a large 3" diagonal though is not a touch screen. On top of the camera you have a miniHDMI output port, hanging bracket, and miniUSB port for power and data transfers. Along the left hand side are the microSD card slot, menu, and menu navigation keys. Note that there is no built-in memory and a microSD card up to 64GB is required for use but not included. On the right-hand-side are the menu 'ok' button, mode key, lock button, and power button. On the bottom you'll find the pinhole microphone and reset pin.

The length of the charging cable gives you ample length to run the wire around your windshield to your cigarette lighter. However, because it's a dedicated cigarette later plug if you only have one cigarette port in your car you won't be able to charging your other devices while this is operating. The camera does have a small internal battery that can run the camera for a short period of time when unplugged (10-15 mins), however, for continuous use, the unit must be plugged into a power source. Don't forget to remove the plastic film on the lens that's protecting it from scratches otherwise you'll have blurry images.

When selecting an SD card, use a Class 10 microSD card up to 64 GB. After you turn the camera on, it'll start recording immediately, indicated by the flashing blue light. Short pressing the power button, turns off the LCD screen, though it will continue to record. To start or stop recording at any time, press the 'OK' key. Then you can access the menus by pressing the center button on the left hand side. In the menu you can change settings like, resolution, recording loop length, etc. There are also three modes on the camera: video, photo, and playback. Pressing the mode key, when not recording, switches modes. In playback mode, pressing the menu key allows you to lock or unlock files or delete them. Each 1 minute video clips takes up 80 MB and a 32 GB memory card can store up to 6.5 hrs of footage. When the card runs out of space, the camera is automatically writes over the oldest unlocked video file. During recording, if you want to quickly lock a file so that it will not be recorded over, press the lock key and a lock icon will appear on the screen. A file may also be 'auto-locked' if you have the motion detection, parking monitor, or g-sensor settings activated.

The image captured by the camera is pretty wide-angle, so it has a slight fish eye effect to it, distorting the image in towards the edges, but you'll see plenty of the road in the image when driving. I found the video to be clear and bright, though I felt the tint was more blue that what you see by eye. The camera resolution is good enough them within a few car lengths you can definitely read the license plate of the car in front of you. The video is also pretty clear at night, with enhanced light filters, though lacks true night vision.

Another useful feature is that with this plugged into the cigarette lighter port, when your car is started the camera boots up right away and starts recording video; then when the car it turned off, the video recording stops as well and the camera powers down automatically. However, if you add a continuous power supply kit to power the camera when your car is off, this feature would be disabled. There are two ways to get the videos and images off of this unit. You can remove the memory card and use a memory card reader or you can plug the unit into your computer using the USB cable and retrieve the files that way.

Overall this camera gets you a bunch of really nice features at this price point and has decent video and audio clarity. The mount attaches easily to the windshield and stays put even in hot and cold weather. There's a generous viewing screen for you to review videos and photos that have been recorded onto this device and the videos are easily downloaded to your computer for archiving and review.

Buy it at Amazon: DVeeTech Dashboard Camera Car DVR Dashcam [Affiliate Link]


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