Tonbux Smart WiFi Power Strip Review

Tonbux Smart WiFi Power Strip Review

Buy it at Amazon: Tonbux Smart WiFi Power Strip [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Quick and easy setup, responds instantly to remote commands via app/voice, accurate timers.

You'll receive the power strip and an instruction manual. The power strip measures 7.75" x 4" x 1". It is made from a lightweight but durable plastic and it has a 4.5' long power cord with grounded plug. On top you have a power button, 4 USB ports which can each output 1 A (2.1A max total), and four 3-prong grounded outlets, spaced 1.5" apart to fit larger power bricks. This unit can be connected to your Wi-Fi network via a mobile app and controlled with smart home assistants like Amazon Alexa or Google Home. Though not printed on the back, the power strip is rated to 1250W and 10A of output with 2.1A via USB.

When you plug the unit in, the power button will light up. If the LED in the power button is not flashing, press and hold it for 6 seconds until it blinks, then starts flashing quickly, to enter WiFi setup mode. The manual suggests using the Jinvoo app for controlling the power strip, but I'm going to use the Smart Life app, as I'm already using it with my other smart plugs.

Adding the device takes less than 1 minute. In the Smart Life app, login or register for an account. Then select the plus icon in the top right hand corner to add a new device. Then choose 'Electrical Outlet.' Click the button that says ‘confirm indicator rapidly blink'; make sure you're connected to a 2.4GHz wireless network then provide the network name and password. After a few moments, the app will find and connect to the strip plug and the LED will stop blinking.

In the app, tap the icon on the right for each socket to turn them on or off. There's a red LED that appears above each socket and next to the USB ports which indicates whether it is on or off. Pressing the physical power button on the strip plug will turn all the sockets on or off, without having to use the mobile app. You cannot individually control a socket's power using the physical button on the unit.

You can ask Alexa to turn the power on or off as a group or for individual sockets as well. The USB ports, however, operate as a set of 4, so you can only turn them all on or all off at once. You can also program any number of scheduled timers for each individual socket and USB ports, eliminating the need to buy separate timers for each outlet. These timers can be one-time use or on a recurring schedule on specific days of the week (or everyday).

With this WiFi smart strip plug, I can control my devices remotely from anywhere I have an internet connection using the app. Alexa voice commands make it easy to turn things on or off from across the room like lamps. Overall, the power strip works exactly as expected and always responds nearly instantly, providing me with a number of options for remotely powering on and off my devices and easily setting timers for them.

Buy it at Amazon: Tonbux Smart WiFi Power Strip [Affiliate Link]


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