Ergoreal Power Lift Reclining Chair Review

Ergoreal Power Lift Reclining Chair Review

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Takeaway: Simple assembly, easy to use controls, gently paced lift and recline, designed for smaller individuals.

The chair comes shipped in a 100 pound box and includes the chair base, a remote control, power brick, plug, and extension, an assembly instruction sheet, and the back of the chair. The assembly is quick and straightforward and only takes a few minutes. ut you do need to push down hard on the back to get the clips on the bracket to snap and hold. There are two fabric covers for the rear side of the chair and the gap between the seat and the seat back. There’s a weight at the bottom of the back flap to keep it closed, though it also has a Velcro strip that helps secure it in place. On the right hand side of the chair is a pocket for the remote control for the chair.

When fully assembled, the chair measures 21.25" wide, 41" tall, and 36" deep (overall). The seat back is 25" tall and the seat 18" wide and 21.25" deep. When fully reclined the chair measures 62" long. The fabric is soft and water resistant and has a decent amount of plush, though isn’t overstuffed. This chair can hold and lift up to 300 pound capacity, but is designed for smaller-framed and shorter height people. If you have a long torso, or a wide waist, you may not fit into this chair which is much smaller than a typical lay-z-boy recliner. For me, at 5’4" and 125 lbs, this was the perfect size. It even has two wheels on the bottom allowing you to tilt the chair back and roll the chair easily to move it.

The remote control has a red power button on the bottom which activates the massage and heat features, located in the lower back of the chair. The right button control intensity: for low, medium and high, The ‘M’ button changes the massage pattern with 3 different modes, the top button activates a heating pad in the chair to warm up your chair, and the left button is the timer to shut off these functions after 10, 20, or 30 minutes. You cannot run these functions indefinitely and must always choose a timer. The up and down arrows in the medium are for manual control of reclining and lifting features. The up arrow lifts the chair as long as you hold the button down. When you let go, the chair will stop moving. The down arrow does the reverse and will recline past the seated position while you’re holding the button down until you let go.

The up and down arrows at the top are one-touch full lift or full recline buttons. Once activated, the chair will fully lift or fully recline, unless stopped by pressing the middle up or down button. However, there is no button to reset the chair to the seated position. The lift feature takes about 15 seconds from a seated position.

Overall the chair controls are easy to use and work well. The pacing of the lift and recline is slow and steady and won’t rush or move elderly too quickly. It allows them to reach a standing position more easily and with less strain. However, I would have really liked a return to seated position button for use after you’re done getting out of the chair as it’s a bit of a pain to reach down into the pocket for the remote and awkward to situate yourself in the chair while it is in the lifted position. The heating and massage features are a nice touch and are used sometimes for extra relaxation. However, if you’re a bigger individual or are 5’ 6” or taller, this chair may not have the right proportions for you.

Buy it at Amazon: Ergoreal Power Lift Reclining Chair [Affiliate Link]


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