weBoost Home Multiroom Cell Signal Booster for 4G LTE Review

weBoost Home Multiroom Cell Signal Booster for 4G LTE Review

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Takeaway: Straightforward installation, easy to use, boosts signal for voice, data, and text a good amount.

In the box you’ll receive the inside antenna with wall mounting plate, the booster unit with wall mounting stickers, AC adapter and plug, setup instruction manual, the outdoor antenna, two sets of 15 foot coax cables, 1 30 foot coax cable, a bag of cable clips, a flat windows entry coax cable, and metal outdoor mounting hardware. On the underside of the box lid is a quick overview of the setup, which recommends 1 or 2 people and 1-2 hours for installation.

The inside antenna has a nice fabric covered surface to blend in with furnishings, and measures 9” L x 7” W x 2.5” D. The coax cable on the end extends about 5.5’. Adhesives strips are included for the back of the plastic mounting bracket or you can use screws to attach it to dry wall. Then the antenna simply slides onto the bracket. Alternatively, you can use the small fold out stand on the back and move the cable off to the side to simply place the antenna on any flat surface like a shelf or desk. The outside antenna measures 11” L x 9” W x 2.5” D and has a 9” cable on it. The metal mounting bracket attaches to the back of the outside antenna using the included bag of hardware. The bracket is adjustable to help you point the antenna in the direction of a specific cell phone tower.

The signal booster has a metal casing and is hefty at around 2 lbs. It measures 6”L x 5.5”W x 1.5”H. On the bottom you’ll find the same plastic wall mounting plate as the one for the inside antenna and it also comes with 2 adhesive mounting stickers; there are 4 rubber feet on the bottom as well so you can place it on any flat surface. At the back are the two coaxial inputs clearly marked for inside and outside antennas, and the on the opposite side is the power port. On top is a status LED.

For setup, you’ll first need to determine where the weakest signal in your house is and where the strongest signal outside of your house is. To do this, you can use an app or view it in your cell phone’s settings. The weakest signal is -120 while numbers closer to 0 are stronger signals. Once you find the strongest signal outside of your house, you’ll want to install the outside antenna on this side. The inside antenna will likely be installed in the room where you get the weakest signal. Then just choose where you want to install the signal booster somewhere in between the two. It should be located where it you can access it, it has good ventilation, and is near a power outlet.

You’ll also need to know where the nearest cell tower to your location because you’ll want to point the outside antenna in that direction. You can use the smartphone app, OpenSignal, or website like cellreception.com to help you out. When installing the outside antenna, you’ll want to install it as high as possible. Sometimes this means on the roof, but if this is not possible, you can install it in an attic or inside wall. I chose to install mine in the attic, pointing out a window facing the closest cell tower. My cell phone uses Verzion, so I chose a Verizon tower to aim it at, however, the booster is capable of amplifying signals from most GSM or CDMA 4G/LTE networks. It also amplifies 3G signal.

If your outside antenna is mounted on the outside of your house, you can use the jumper entry jumper cable to bridge the connection between the cable section outside of the home, to another section of cable inside your home, so you don’t have to drill any holes into your walls. You can also connect your antenna to unused cable connecter already running into the house. Then run the cable to the signal booster. The indoor antenna needs to be at least 2 feet away from the booster, but with 30 ft of cable, you should have plenty of length to separate them.

I simply placed the inside antenna on a desk in the room with the wekest signal, with the front facing into the room to broadcast the signal. The recommendation for orienting your outside and inside antennas is to have them facing opposite directions with at least 20 feet of vertical separation or 50 feet of horizontal separation. If you are unable to do this, you can outfit a shield between the inside and outside antennas using a piece of sheet metal.

The booster is easy to set up by attaching the two incoming cables to the marked connectors, and plugging in the power brick with has a lock on the barrel plug so the connection does not come loose. Before I installed the booster, I checked the 4G/LTE cell signals in my home and found them to be generally around -115 to -107 dBm. That’s pretty low considering -120 is basically an unusable signal and explains why I’m always having dropped calls and sometimes call audio is garbled. After powering on the booster and getting a successful steady green status LED, the signal strength it much better and now shows in the range of -90 to -65 dBm when in the same room as the inside antenna (-40 dBm is perfect signal). As I move farther away from the antenna, the signal does drop off, but the improvement extends into several rooms in the direction the antenna is facing. Not only has call quality and stability improved, since the booster captures 4G/LTE signal, mobile data speeds are also about 10 times faster (because dBm rates are logarithmic). Note though, that this is only true in range of the booster, and the signal improvement did not really extend into other floors of the house. How much the signal improves is dependent on various factors including how strong the incoming signal the outside antenna picks up and the amount of barriers and obstructions between your cell phone and the inside antenna. Nevertheless, the booster is working as advertised, and I am enjoying better signals in at least three rooms on one floor of my house. The booster is simple to operate and the installation was fairly straightforward.

Buy it at Amazon: weBoost Home Multiroom Cell Signal Booster for 4G LTE [Affiliate Link]


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