NutriBullet Blender Combo Review

NutriBullet Blender Combo Review

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Takeaway: Fast, versatile, velvety smooth drinks, soupd, and smoothies. Easy to use and clean.

You’ll receive the motor base, 32 oz blender cup with pre-installed easy-twist off blades, a plastic tamper, 64 oz blender pitcher with vented lid, 24 oz blender cup with handle, and two to-go drink lids. You’ll also receive a user guide and a short recipe book with a handful of smoothie and soup recipes as well as some tips and tricks for operation.

The blender cup blades are set at various angle for chopping and pureeing your food easily. Do be careful as the blades are sharpened. Although you only get one set of cup blades, it works with both cups and simply twists on. The finger grooves provide a steady grip, making it easy to twist the blade on and off. The same is true for the to-go lids which fit either of the cups and has a convenient holder/hanging ring and a pop and snap lid for drinking straight from the blender cup. The blender base is heavy duty and weighs about 5 lbs on its own. Along the front are the controls: extract, low, medium, high, pulse, and power. The power cord on the back is 3.5 feet long and there’s a vent on the back of the unit to prevent overheating. On the bottom of the unit are 4 suction cup feet to keep the unit from moving during operation.

The max capacity of the blender pitcher is 64 oz or 8 cups, thou note that the liquid max capacity is only 7 cups. On the opposite side of the pitcher are metric measurements with the max capacity being 1800 mL or 1650 mL for liquid. The handle has a soft-touch silicone rubber lining on the interior providing you a gentle but firm grip. The leak-resistant lid simply pulls up using the finger tab, and it has a twist off cover for the vent in the middle. You can use this vent for adding more ingredients while the blender is running. With the lid off there’s a convenient pour spout opposite the handle to pour out the contents. Inside, the blade has two levels, four long blades and two shorter sharpened blades. The blender blades are not remove-able, so you’ll need a long handled brush to clean them.

To use either of the blender cups, simply place the cup on the center of the base and twist clockwise until it clicks into place. To remove, twist counter-clockwise and lift up. For the blender pitcher, place the pitcher on the base with the handle facing to the right, then twist clockwise until it clicks into place. The food tamper is made from a lightweight and durable, hollow plastic. It measures 10 inches long with a short handle on one side and longer side for pressing and moving your ingredients down. It can be used as a muddler in the blender cups to pre-mash ingredients. And when used through the vent in the pitcher lid, acts as a tamper which stops just short of the blades inside ensuring safe operation of the device while it is on.

When making smoothies in the blender cups, the order of the ingredients is important, since you need to remember we’ll be flipping the cup over on the motor base. Always include some amount of liquid in the blender cup for proper function and try to stack the hardest ingredients furthest from the blade. When using the machine, first, make sure the unit is secured firmly to your countertop with the suction feet engaged. Pressing the power button puts the unit in standby. Then you can select a mode to us, for example 'Extract.' The 'Extract' mode is automatic and goes through a series of increasing speed cycles. This start and stop action draws all the ingredients in the cup down into the blades where is can puree everything down to a very smooth consistency. The unit will run for about 60 seconds total before shutting itself off. All modes using the blender cups automatically shutoff after 60 seconds to prevent overheating (and creating vacuum pressure inside the cups) however there is no such time limit when using the pitcher and the mode must be stopped manually by pressing the mode button again or the power button.

I've made several smoothies in the blender cups using the recipes in the book and my own mixes. The consistency is thick and rich and really smooth. I've also made several soups in the pitcher using recipes in the book and I'm looking forward to making my own blends in the machine. One thing to be careful of is to not get any oil on the rubber gasket of the pitcher lid. This will make is impossible to get the lid to create a seal on the pitcher. If you're having trouble getting the lid of the pitcher to stay in the pitcher, wash and rise the rubber gasket of the lid and wipe off any oil or grease that may have accumlated on the rim. For cleaning, I just run the blender with warm water and a few drops of dishwashing liquid to clean the inside. This actually works pretty well and doesn’t require you to scrub at all.

I also really like the pulse feature for making sauces, compotes, and chutneys. Just remember though, you can’t put hot ingredients in the cups because as it cools, it’ll create a vacuum seal inside the cup that may make it difficult or impossible to open later. With the pulse function you can control just how fine and smooth you want the final product to be. If frozen drinks are more your speed, you can find additional recipes at Nutribullet’s website, for example raspberry daiquiris. Just start with frozen fruit, add honey and lime juice, your choice of spirit or water for virgin drinks, a couple cubes of ice, and blend away.

Overall, I found the blender combo to be pretty versatile, being able to fill the role of my smoothie maker and full sized blender with just one machine. It’s easy to use and clean, powerful, and does a great job making velvety smooth soups, smoothies, and slushie drinks.

Buy it at Amazon: NutriBullet Blender Combo [Affiliate Link]


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