Tusy Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set (Chaise Lounge and Coffee Table) Assembly and Review

Tusy Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set (Chaise Lounge and Coffee Table) Assembly and Review

Buy it at Amazon: Tusy Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set (Chaise Lounge and Coffee Table) [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Straightforward assembly, stable and durable construction, comfortable cushions.

The set consists of two chaise lounges and a coffee table and arrives shipped in two separate rather large boxes. The parts for all three pieces are divided up amongst the boxes. The larger box weighs about 63 lbs. In this box, you’ll find pairs of panels marked A, B, C and D, I support bars, two large F panels, and two large cushions. The rest of the pieces for the chaises and the coffee table are in the smaller box, which weighs 50 lbs. In here you’ll find the G panels, small cushions, E panels, M and L panels, two H bars, a box of hardware which wrench tools, and the coffee table K panel with tempered glass in bubble wrap. Be aware that there are two sets of instructions; the small booklet only describes putting together the chaise, while the larger one includes the chaise assembly as well as the coffee table assembly. The chaise instructions are identical in both booklets.

What’s nice is that the hardware comes individually bagged for each pieces of furniture, two larger bags for the chaises and a smaller one for the coffee table. In each bag there’s a parts list for the intended assembly, so this is for the coffee table. There are even a few extra pieces in the bag in case you misplace something. When assembling, attach the panels top side down so that you can align them on a flat surface, otherwise the feet keep them off the floor making installation more difficult. The hardware includes an Allen wrench ratchet which really makes the assembly go much faster than the simple Allen wrench. All the furniture have small plastic leveling feet so you can make adjustments on uneven surfaces to make the chaises and coffee table stable. There's 4 suction cups on the coffee tabletop to adhere to the glass top. If you find that the suction cups aren’t sticking, try adding a drop of water to suction cup surface before pressing down. If it still doesn’t stick, you may need to use clear double-sided stickers, sold separately.

The chaise was pretty straightforward to assemble, although the instructions did not clearly indicate the hardware used to join the chaise front and back sections in the middle. Here you'll use the longest bolts provided with a washer and a nut. I did have one issue where one of the screw holes on a panel was covered up by a rattan strap mistakenly. But this was easily resolved by cutting the extra strip of plastic and tucking it out of the way.

When it’s assembled, you should be able to set the angle of the backrest to the steepest, or any of the 4 lower angle notches. Note that you’ll have to push down pretty hard to lock into each of the intermediate angles safely. To unlock the adjustment bar, simply pull up on the lower part of the bar. The foam cushions for the seats are fairly firm, but supportive and comfortable. They are also durable and weather proof so the entire furniture set is able to be left out in the rain. I found that usually by the next afternoon they are dry if it’s hot and sunny out. That said, I hope the hardware is made from stainless steel so that the screws and hinges won't rust quickly. The cushions have ties on them to attach the two pieces together and to the chaise, though you may need to loosen some screws to get the tie straps under the seat panel.

The coffee table is the same height of the chaise lounge at 13” for easy access though the cushions add another 3" on top. Laying the back down makes it a great bench or bed for taking a nap on and the overall size of the chaise is 26” wide by 76” long. Overall, this furniture set was pretty simple and straight forward to assemble. Putting together all 3 pieces took about an hour total and the set feels stable, the cushions comfortable, and materials are durable for long-term outdoor use.

Buy it at Amazon: Tusy Outdoor Rattan Furniture Set (Chaise Lounge and Coffee Table) [Affiliate Link]


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