Koios Vitamin Reap Slow Masticating Juicer B5100 Review

Koios Vitamin Reap Slow Masticating Juicer B5100 Review

Buy it at Amazon: Koios Vitamin Reap Slow Masticating Juicer B5100 [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to use, efficient, powerful, and durable juicer for great tasting, fresh, and nutritious juice!

You’ll receive the motor base, auger assembly, juice container, pulp container, cleaning brush, separator sleeve, instruction manual, hopper tray, and food tamper. The auger assembly comes apart for easy cleaning. Just twist the end cap clockwise to remove it, then pull out the pulp strainer, and remove the auger. The auger is made from a dense, hard plastic designed to crush ingredients and withstand the pressure of breaking down firm fruits and vegetables. The plastic housing of the assembly has a feed chute on top and juice dispenser hole on the bottom. Putting the pieces back together is quick and easy, though you should be sure to push the auger all the way back into the housing, which can feel tight due to the rubber o-ring at the back. The strainer goes over the end of the auger, and the cap screws back on with a counter-clockwise twist.

To assemble the unit, insert the spindle of the auger assembly into the motor base with the feed chute rotated away from the controls, then twist the assembly counter-clockwise until the assembly snaps into place. Place the juice container under the juice dispenser and the pulp container under the end cap. At the top, press the food hopper onto the feeder chute. The tamper can be stored in the feed chute when not in use. You can optionally use the separator sleeve in the juice container by sliding it into the corner with the rails. This will help you separate out any foam after juicing that might float to the top of the liquid when you’re pouring the juice into a glass. The fully assembled machine measures 16 inches long, 13 inches tall, and 6 inches wide. When taking into account the containers the length is a couple inches longer (17-18 inches). On the front of the machine are four buttons controls for 'reverse,' 'soft' foods, 'hard' foods, and 'off.' The power cable on the back is 4 ft long, but only a standard two-prong small appliance gauge wire and not a heavy-duty grounded cord. To remove the auger assembly for cleaning, first pull off the hopper. Then press the release button with the white dot and twist the assembly clockwise before pulling it out of the machine.

Be sure to wash and rinse all the removable parts with soap and warm water before first use and after each use. All the removable parts are dishwasher safe too, but in order to keep their glossy finishes intact, I prefer to wash them by hand. I've juiced a variety of vegetables and fruit in the machine and it handled both hard foods like carrots and apples just as well as soft foods like spinach and kale. The resulting pulp is pretty dry, and I think the juicer is pretty efficient in that respect. I don't feel like a lot of material is wasted and I even sometimes find a use for the pressed fiber like baking into breads or adding to soups and stocks. The juice pressed from this machine is bright in color and rich in vitamins and antioxidants. It holds onto the nutrient content well because the slow masticating action of the auger doesn't heat up or oxidate the food as a fast bladed juicer would. When pouring the juice out of thejuice container, I usually use the separator plate so I can get the juice without all the foam on top. Sometimes the juice is a little bit thick, like a smoothie, because the fiber is actually pressed into the juice too but not the bulk of the pulp, so you’ll get that benefit without making the juice so thick that you have to chew it.

When juicing leafy greens you can use the 'soft' mode which juices as a slower spee to further prevent oxidation. Just note that you should try to alternate soft foods with hard foods to ensure they move through the juicer completely. This will require switching the operation modes periodically when juicing. You want to be careful of not overstuffing the hopper with greens as it can get a bit jammed. If this happens you can always enter reverse mode for a few seconds (by pressing and holding the button) which will turn the auger in the reverse direction. You'll also want to be careful to not run the juicer without any food in it nor continuously for more than 10 - 20 minutes as it may experience overheating and may shut itself off as a safety measure.

The juicer was even able to handle pomegranate arils, though it did crush the seeds and extract some of the chalky white liquid inside of them. The juicer actually did a great job with extracting every bit of juice from them, but there was a lot of foam in the juice from the crushed seeds which actually gives the juice a bit of a cloudy pink/white appearance. However, the taste was just delicious, and the seeds also contain additional nutrients like vitamin E and magnesium as an added bonus. Overall, I found this juicer to be really easy to assemble and use while also doing a great job at extracting a majority of the juice from most fruits and vegetables including leafy greens. The juice comes out pure with little oxidation and the pulp is fairly dry. It’s also super simple to clean and rinses out in just a few minutes after each use and is one of the easiest to clean juicers that I've used.

Buy it at Amazon: Koios Vitamin Reap Slow Masticating Juicer B5100 [Affiliate Link]


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