Upright Go Posture Trainer Review

Upright Go Posture Trainer Review

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Takeaway: Easy to use, mostly accurate, lightweight and unobtrusive, effective reminder.

You’ll receive the unit in a carrying case, 6 alcohol wipes, a 20” flat micro USB cable, 8 replacement gel pads, adhesive removal guitar pick, and a quick start guide. Inside the padded carrying case you’ll find the posture trainer, on the opposite side is a mesh pocket, ostensibly where you can store accessories like the cable. The Go has a soft-touch silicone matte finish and measures 2-1/4 inches by 1-1/4 inch and is 3/8 inch thick. You’ll notice a gel pad is pre-installed and if you remove the green tabs, there is a sticky, tacky adhesive pad underneath. When you need to change the pads, you can use the removal tool to scrape it off the device. To charge the unit, plug the microUSB cable into the bottom of the unit and then into any powered USB port. When the device is fully charged the LED in the middle with be a solid green.

You’ll need to download and install the Upright GO app to your smartphone. Then create an account and fill out a few details in your profile like gender, height and weight. The app will build a training plan customized for your settings and give you a quick intro on how to use the product. To turn on the unit short press the button on the front and a blue LED will flash indicating it’s in pairing mode. Make sure Bluetooth is enabled on your smartphone. Then the app will pair to the device and the LED will flash green, which it did quickly. Remove the green tabs on the gel pad, then stick the unit on your upper back, below your neck, and between the tops of your shoulder blades. Press the set posture button to calibrate the device, you’ll need to do this each time you put it on. Now you’re ready to start training.

What the device does is track whether or not you are standing or sitting upright. For example if I slouch or lean forward, the unit vibrates gently to provide feedback that I need to straighten up. Each day you’re supposed to complete a training session, for example this 5 minute session, which will track your posture in real time, so if I lean over past the trigger angle for more than the allotted number of seconds, it will buzz me. You can change the degree of the angle and the delay time to be more lenient in case you feel like it’s buzzing too often for normal everyday movements. You can also change how the vibrations feel: Short, Medium, Long, Knock Knock or Ramp-Up.

There are three presets in the app that you can customize the settings for: stationary, standard, and active depending on what you’re doing during that session. You can also switch the unit to 'tracking' only mode which will simply record your posture readings throughout the day, but won’t vibrate as a reminder. What I found about this device is that it’s highly dependent on whether or not you place and calibrate it correctly. Since it vibrates because on accelerometer data, if the calibration or placement is off, then it won’t be very accurate. You can however, recalibrate it as often as you like by double pressing the power button, or pressing set posture in the app.

The first couple times I used the Upright Go, it was going off a lot at the wrong time, but I realized this was because I had placed it too high up on my neck. After moving it lower, most of the time the device was pretty accurate. However, it still detected slouching at improper times for example, walking up steps and looking down at my phone. The buzzing was also distracting when doing everyday chores like washing the dishes and doing laundry. However, you can toggle in and out of tracking mode quickly by short pressing the button if you don’t want it to vibrate for a while. On a full charge, the unit lasted about a day and a half, though sometimes I found that the data wasn’t captured for the entire duration I was wearing the device. Even so, it’s comfortable enough to wear that after a while you forget that it’s even there. It’s also discreet enough to be worn under clothes.

When you’re done using the unit, remove it from your skin and long press the button to turn the unit off. You can store it gel side down in the case and reuse the pad 3 to 10 times. If you don’t want to continually change the gel pads, you can buy a necklace accessory sold separately that lets you wear the unit around your neck instead. I did find that with the cable in the pocket in the case, I wasn’t able to get it closed, so I don’t store it in there. However there is a notch cutout so you can charge it while in the case.

Overall, I think the device does work for the most part to remind you to sit or stand up straight if you’re not doing something super active. Over time I found that I was more cognizant of when I was slouching, even when I wasn’t wearing the device. Since I didn’t really have any back or neck pain to begin with, I can’t comment on whether or not this helps with that. However, the device is easy to use and setup and for what it is, I think it does exactly what it says it’s going to do.

Buy it at Amazon: Upright Go Posture Trainer [Affiliate Link]


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