Aiboo Direct Wire Under Cabinet LED Puck Lights Review

Aiboo Direct Wire Under Cabinet LED Puck Lights Review

Buy it at Amazon: Aiboo Direct Wire Under Cabinet LED Puck Lights [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Quick and simple installation, responsive remote, bright and dimmable lights.

I ordered the eight-pack light kit so I received eight LED puck lights, 3 extension cables, a set of mounting screws and wire nuts, 16 total double sided round stickers, a remote control, RF controller unit, 4-in-1 power splitter, 6.5' A/C cord for plug-in installation, 6.5’ direct wire cord, power adapter with inline power switch, and a couple instruction manuals.

These LED lights have brushes aluminum housings and a diameter of 2.25” inches. They have a slim profile of only ¼” of thickness. On the back you’ll notice 3 holes with the outer two for screw mounting to the bottom of your cabinets. If mounting the lights with screws and not the stickers, you'll need to unscrew the cap on each light housing and remove the acrylic diffuser plate. Inside are 9 individual LEDs. You'll need to decide whether you want to use the adhesive pads to mount these lights or permanently mount with the screws which require you to drill into your cabinets.

The cable on each light measures 18” long and has two connectors, the male for power and female as a jumper so you can connect the lights in series. Installation is pretty straight forward. You can attach up to 4 pairs of lights to the power splitter, but you can link them however you like, depending on your needs. You’ll only need to run one power connector to the splitter from any group of lights connected in series. Then the power splitter then gets connected to the RF controller, which is then connected to the barrel plug attached to the power adapter with in-line switch. This switch controls the main power to all the lights. Then you’ll choose either the A/C power plug if you’ll be plugging the adapter into a wall socket, or the direct-wire cable if you’ll be connecting the wires directly to a power line or wall switch.

Remember to remove the plastic battery saver tab from the remote control before use. The remote buttons are power, light mode, brightness up and down, brightness quick select for 100, 50, and 25%, flashing pattern selection keys, and flashing speed keys. With the 18” cords running in both directions, we reached where we needed to place them without leaving a ton of excess wire hanging. Note that this kit does not include any cable management clips, so you’ll need to buy them separately.

The lights took about 20 minutes to install (plug-in method). Four of the warm white lights were enough to illuminate my counter space with supplemental light (about 6.5 feet). With the remote control you can set them to 50% brightness and 25% brightness, though the dimmer function actually has about 10 levels of brightness. At any brightness level you can activate the flashing modes by pressing either of the mode keys to cycle forward or back through the various patterns. For each pattern you can adjust the speed of the flashing from fast to slow in about 10 increments. I found the remote is very responsive and doesn't need to point directly at the receiver nor does it need a direct line of sight to the controller. It even works through walls.

Overall, this LED under-cabinet puck lighting kit was pretty simple to install and works beautifully. It has bright and dimmable lights that are inconspicuous, enough cable and flexible wiring arrangement to suit most cabinets, and an easy-to-use remote control for changing the brightness and settings quickly.

Buy it at Amazon: Aiboo Direct Wire Under Cabinet LED Puck Lights [Affiliate Link]


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