Neewer 20 Inch Light Box Studio Review

Neewer 20 Inch Light Box Studio Review

Buy it at Amazon: Neewer 20 Inch Light Box Studio [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Sets up quickly, bright LEDs, stores and travels compactly, but diffuser cloth is cheap, sheds plastic.

The light box studio measures 20” x 20” and 1” thick when folded up. In the front mesh pouch you can store the light dimmer unit, and plug with inline switch. You’ll also receive 4 PVC backdrops in grey, black, white, and salmon as well as a light diffuser cloth. The Velcro in the corners of each backdrop are for attaching them to the light box.

Setting up the light box takes only a minute after you open up all the panels and attach them together at the edges. At each meeting edge are Velcro hooks and loops to secure the box together, and you may need to make slight adjustments to ensure the box is square. On top, is the power cord for the LED strips inside which attaches to the dimmer control unit, then connects with the plug with inline switch.

When fully setup, the light box measures 20” x 20” x 20”. At the front is a shooting window with two panels that can be opened or closed by Velcro. At the top is a smaller shooting window for taking top-down shoots. The opening is 4.5” in diameter and the inside of the box is lined with reflective silver material, except for the bottom and back panels. On the control unit, turning the dial counter-clockwise dims the light and it shuts off at the lowest setting. Turning clockwise brightens it and at the brightest setting is well illuminated. If the LED lights are too harsh, you can attach the diffuser cloth at the top using the Velcro on the sides. This will soften the light from the LED panel but will prevent you from taking top-down shots. The diffuser softens the light and spreads it out evenly so you don't see harsh bright spot reflections on shiny surfaces. Shadows on your object will also be less pronounced. However, the quality of the diffuser cloth is pretty cheap and if you're not careful when removing it from the Velcro, it could tear. Be sure to grasp the corners firmly when removing the diffuser from the box.

If you want a smooth gradient background, you can install one of the colored backdrops which will attach at the upper corners at the back of the light box via Velcro. Note that the backdrops extend out the front of the box so the front panel can’t really be closed when using the backdrops. They do, however, provide a nice clean and even looking background for shooting whatever objects can comfortably fit in the box. The images taken in this box can be quite dramatic and really show off the beauty of an object.

Overall, the box works quite nicely and folds back up compactly in seconds. It’s pretty straightforward to use, travels and stores compactly, and sets up and breaks down quickly. I just wish the backdrops fit in the case somehow, but you’ll have to figure out a way to transport and store those separately. Also because they are plastic, you have to be careful not to bend or fold them otherwise the creases will become permanent.

Buy it at Amazon: Neewer 20 Inch Light Box Studio [Affiliate Link]


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