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Tuesday, February 11, 2020

Ragebee Supgame 777 in 1 Handheld Gaming Console Review

Ragebee Supgame 777 in 1 Handheld Gaming Console Review

Buy it at Amazon: Ragebee Supgame 777 in 1 Handheld Gaming Console [Affiliate Link]
Buy the 2-Player MiniUSB Controller at AliExpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_sVtSz8 [AliExpress Affiliate Product Link]

Takeaway: Bright display, lots of games, responsive controls for the most part, few glitches.

You’ll receive the game console, instruction manual, miniUSB charging cable, and RCA TV out cable. The unit is designed to mimic the Nintendo Gameboy look, though it is a bit smaller at 4.5” x 3” x 1” thick. The overall LCD diagonal is 3” but has only a 2-3/4” viewable area. On the back is the battery bay that houses the rechargeable lithium-ion 1020 mAh battery, which generally lasts between 3-4 hours of gameplay on a full charge (single player) which takes several hours. On the front you have the controls: a 4 directional D-pad, reset button, A, B, X, and Y buttons, and start and select. In the bottom right is the mono speaker. Next to the LCD is a tiny pin hole for the status LED which is red when the unit is plugged in and charging; it’s super tiny so can be hard to see, but turns off when the unit is charged. On top you have the power switch, miniUSB charging port and headphone out. On the lower left-hand side is the volume adjustment dial though it doesn’t stick out that much so it’s a bit tricky to grip. To charge the unit, plug the miniUSB cable into the port at the top and the other end into any powered USB port or portable battery pack. Note that a wall adapter is not included.

When you first receive the unit, the screen may look like it has scratches on it, but don’t worry, there’s a protective film on the front that you can peel off; it helps to grab it with some tape, and now you can see the screen is scratch free. To turn the unit on, just slide the switch on top. Each time the unit is turned on you’ll be presented with the option to select Chinese or English. Then the game title selection screen appears. This unit comes pre-installed with 777 titles including Super Mario Bros, Contra, Adventure Island, etc. Note that, without the ability to save game progress you won’t see titles like Zelda or Pokemon. You may be surprised to see titles like Plants vs Zombies, typically a mobile or desktop game, but you’ll soon find that some of the games on this system are simple modified ports of the original and don’t exactly have the same gameplay, feel, or mechanics as the original. Another thing you’ll notice is the presence of duplicates and knockoffs in the titles.

Moving the volume dial to the lowest position mutes the audio, while rolling it up increases the volume. The accuracy of the D-pad was okay and was even able to recognize diagonal movement pretty well in addition to up/down/left/right. However, certain parts of the D-pad don’t register if you press on them a certain way, for example, pressing buttons down in the corners sometimes doesn't actuate the trigger underneath so it doesn't respond. This is particularly frustrating in games where timing and precision of key presses matter. The colors and display of the unit are bright but limited to about 25 colors in the palette. There’s also no brightness adjustment available if you want to dim the screen at night. Occasionally you’ll notice a bit of screen tearing along the edges of the screen or on moving elements due to the limited refresh rate of the LCD.

While many games on the system offer 2 player mode, you’ll need a separate miniUSB game controller which plugs into the charging port. This set didn't come with one but you can purchase one from AliExpress for just a few bucks more. If you do end up selecting 2 player mode without the second controller attached, you’ll likely get stuck and have to reset the unit.

Since most of these games were designed for a 2 button system and the controls have 4 buttons, you may be wondering what the "extra" buttons do. Generally the Y and B keys are the primary buttons and the X and A buttons are turbo buttons respectively. Note that the button layout is reversed from the Nintendo Gameboy (where the B button was the left most and the A button to its right). One interesting feature is the ability to output the display to RCA using the TV out cable. Simply plug the adapter into the headphone port and then into an RCA input, like a TV or projector. Then you can view the game system on a large screen, which is a lot of fun. It’ll even output the sound to your output device, so what you’re hearing is the speaker on my projector, which of course I could route through my sound system or sound bar as well. I also love that there are classic arcade games on here as well like Pac-Man so not only do you get emulated games native to handheld systems you get titles from a whole bunch of platforms.

One quirk about this unit is that the first 80 or so titles are not in alphabetical order, though after around number 90 everything is alphabetical, despite some typos and spelling errors like “aniemal blockes. While you can page through the titles using left and right, you can’t rearrange the order, hide games you don’t play, or favorite or short list any games; so if you have a favorite game you like to play, be sure to remember its number to find it quickly. The other issue I have is the smaller form factor isn’t exactly ergonomic for me and hand fatigue is an issue after hours of continuous play.

However, for a super inexpensive gaming unit, this handheld present a lot of options, emulates most games fairly well without issue, and is fun to play. You can even double the fun with a friend by getting the second controller for 2 player mode and it comes in several different colors including red, white, blue, and black.

Buy it at Amazon: Ragebee Supgame 777 in 1 Handheld Gaming Console [Affiliate Link]
Buy the 2-Player MiniUSB Controller at AliExpress: https://s.click.aliexpress.com/e/_sVtSz8 [AliExpress Affiliate Product Link]


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