Newentor Visual Blackhead Removal Vacuum w/HD Camera Review

Newentor Visual Blackhead Removal Vacuum w/HD Camera Review

Buy it at Amazon: Newentor Visual Blackhead Removal Vacuum w/HD Camera [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Simple setup, HD live video, powerful suction, effective at removing debris from pores.

You’ll receive the blackhead remover, 20” flat microUSB cable, extra silicone gaskets and filters, small and elliptical suction heads, and a user manual. The blackhead remover is basically a mini handheld vacuum and measures 6”L x 2”W and 2”D. The body is made of glossy plastic and is relatively sleek looking and ergonomic. The nozzle tips apply suction to a very small area on your face to help extract blackheads, oil, and clogged debris from your pores. In the middle of the suction tip is a small HD camera surrounded by a ring of LED lights that will broadcast a high-definition video feed of your skin’s surface to a mobile device using the UDU app. In the middle of the unit, is the power button and on the bottom is the charging port. When you first receive the device, be sure to plug it in to charge fully before first use. When charging the LED will be flashing.

Press and hold the power button to turn the unit on, and you’ll see the three modes or vacuum intensities you can choose. Short press the button to cycle through the modes. The lowest setting is 'sooth,' then 'normal,' then 'strong.' The other suction tips are the small size hole and the even smaller elliptical hole. To change the tips simple grab and pull them off, then press a new one on. They are held in place by the rubber gasket. If you need to change the gasket, it’s like a small rubber band; simply grab under it to remove and seat the new one in. The filters around the camera can also be removed for cleaning or replaced.

The smartphone app for viewing the camera feed is called UDU. After installing it and powering on the tool, go to your WiFi settings and select the network called UDU Beauty. Back in the app, click on Enter and now you’ll see a live feed from the camera in the pore vacuum nozzle. The app also lets you record the footage, view it uncropped, or snap a photo. Before you begin, wash your face with warm water or with a light cleanser to soften debris. Be sure to dry your face completely before using the extractor. I recommend before each use to sterilize the nozzle tips with a cotton swab dipped in alcohol, you’ll also want these on hand to clean the nozzle during use. Turn the unit on, and select the intensity of suction you want.

When using the device in 'sooth' mode, I found that the suction wasn't srtong enough to draw much debris out of my pores. I tend to use the 'normal' or 'strong' settings which are recommended for normal or combination skin. With the device paired with the smartphone app, you can see the oil and sebum coming up to the surface and getting scraped onto the nozzle as you move the tip across your skin. It's kind of gross but satisfying to watch. You’ll want to make sure to periodically wipe off the tip to keep it clean and prevent spreading dirt and bacteria to the rest of your face. The important thing is to not leave the suction tip on any one part of your skin for too long because it could cause bruising, and only use the minimum suction strength needed to extract debris from your pores. Just try and keep the tip as clean as you can when you notice it collecting a lot of debris. Also note that the unit is not waterproof, so you don’t want to get it wet, submerge it in water, or rinse the tip under running water.

For me, the most effective nozzle tip was the elliptical one, because its smaller size helped draw more dirt and oil out of my pores as it put more pressure on my skin. When using it on my cheeks though, because the skin is thinner and more sensitive, I did experience a little bruising which lasted about a day; so just be careful and use low suction on sensitive areas and be mindful of not staying in one spot for too long or going over areas multiple times. After treatment, your skin may also be red and a bit swollen for several hours.

Overall, I’d say the blackhead extractor worked pretty well in terms of being able to draw dirt and oil out from my pores. The camera made it easy to tell exactly the areas that needed treatment and lets you watch how effective it is as you go. In general, it’s less rough on your skin than squeezing your pores with your fingers and with regular use you should see clearer, smooth skin with less visible pores.

Buy it at Amazon: Newentor Visual Blackhead Removal Vacuum w/HD Camera [Affiliate Link]


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