Dmyco 10 inch 2K Rearview Mirror Dash Cam with GPS Review

Dmyco 10 inch 2K Rearview Mirror Dash Cam with GPS Review

Buy it at Amazon: Dmyco 10 inch 2K Rearview Mirror Dash Cam with GPS [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Straightforward installation, easy to set up, clear/crisp video, decent audio, good night vision.

You’ll receive the dashboard camera, external GPS antenna, two sets of mounting rubber bands, rear camera mounting screws and double sided tape, reset pin, 11 ft miniUSB accessory port adapter with right-angle connector, rear camera, 17.5 foot long rear camera cable, plastic trim tool, and an instruction manual. Note that a memory card is not included.

The dashboard camera measures 10 inches wide, 2.75 inch tall, and 1.5 inches thick. The camera on the side extends outward up to an inch to fit over your existing rear view mirror. The angle of the lens in also adjustable. Along the top you have the USB power input, rear camera A/V in, microSD card slot, and GPS input. Just below that on the back is the reset pin hole. I’ve got here a 32 GB microsD card installed, though it can support up to 128 GB. On the bottom, you’ve got the power button and microphone. The GPS antenna simply plugs into the port on the far right. It’s got an adhesive back so you can adhere it to your windshield or dashboard.

For the clearest video quality, remove the plastic film on the camera lens. If you choose 2K for the video resolution, the rear camera will default to 1080p and vice versa, when the front camera is set to 1080p to rear camera records in 2K. There isn’t a way to set 2K or 1080p resolutions for both cameras simultaneously.

Install this dashcam over your existing rearview mirror by first extending the camera to the left, then attaching the rubber straps to the hooks on either side. Note that because the camera sticks out, it may interfere with the use of the driver’s side visor. Install the rear camera on the outside of the car, just above the license plate and run the rear camera cable to the DVR unit under the trim. If you want that rear camera to display automatically when the car is put in reverse, you’ll need to connect the red wire on the rear camera cable to one of your reverse light’s power.

When I shift the car into reverse gear, it automatically switches to the rear camera and puts up the reverse guide lines. To toggle between the cameras, swipe left from the center of the screen, or view both cameras at the same time in a split screen mode. The enter playback mode, swipe right from the center of the screen. To adjust the brightness swipe up and down on the right hand side of the screen and to change the vertical field of view, swipe up and down on the left side of the screen. To lock a recording and save it as important so that it doesn’t get overwritten, tap the lock icon along the bottom. The record button will change to yellow and there will be a yellow progress bar along the bottom. To view locked files, in playback mode, tap the folder name and select front or rear urgent video. At 2K quality, a 5 minute clip from either camera takes up about 500 MB. Conversely at 1080p, a 5 minute clip takes up about 350 MB.

The video feed from both cameras is clear, crisp and sharp with very nice detail and accurate colors. At night I thought areas with light tended to be overly brightened and look a bit washed out, resulting in a slight loss of clarity; dark areas also tended to have low contrast and were also hard to see.

The audio in the video is identical for the front and rear camera feeds for the same recorded period of time. It’s fairly clear, though voices are hard to hear even when both speakers are sitting in the front seats and the mic pics up a lot of road noise. With the LCD off, the mirror looks like a normal rearview mirror, though it’s a lot darker than my original mirror making it harder to see at night if you have poor night vision.

Overall, the quality the video is very good for this dashcam, the LCD screen is large, and the settings and menus are straightforward to navigate. As usual, I do wish there was a pass-through USB port on the power adapter for charging/powering other devices or that the power cable was a straight up USB cable that could plug into a power adapter with multiple ports.

Buy it at Amazon: Dmyco 10 inch 2K Rearview Mirror Dash Cam with GPS [Affiliate Link]


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