Teckin WiFi Smart Wall Socket Installation and Review

Teckin WiFi Smart Wall Socket Installation and Review

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Takeaway: Quick and simple installation, easy voice and wireless app control.

You’ll receive the smart outlet, a screwless face plate, instruction manual, two mounting screws, and four wire nuts. The face plate has a glossy white finish and measures 4.75”x 3”. The cut out in the middle measures 2.5” x 1.25” and slips over the outlet to clip onto the metal bracket. The bracket around the outlet measures 4” x1.75” and the back extends 1.25” into the receptacle. Under the warning sticker are the three wires used for installation. The black goes to live, green to ground, and white to neutral. The ends of the wires are bare and stripped back about 0.5” to make a connection with your wall wiring.

The outlet has two grounded 3-prong sockets with tamper resistant safety doors. There’s a single USB-A port that outputs up to 2.1A and two power buttons on the left to switch on/off the two main sockets. On one side of the metal bracket is an arrow indicating which side of this device is the top. INstallation is pretty straight forward and takes less than 10 minutes.

Before installation, be sure to turn off the power to the wiring you’re working on at the breaker. After removing your existing outlet, identify the live, ground, and neutral wires. You may want to mark or label them so you don't mix them up. Attach the corresponding wires to the smart outlet with the included wire nuts: live to black, ground to green, and neutral to white. Push all the wiring carefully back into the gang box. Then attach the smart outlet to the gang using the two included screws. Lastly, press the screwless face plate over the outlet panel until it snaps into place. Note that the outlets protrude about a 1/16” from the faceplate when installed correctly.

To wirelessly control the unit, you’ll need to download and install the Smart Life app. In the center of the unit, you’ll see three small depressions: these are LED status indicators. Press and hold either power button for 7 seconds to enable WiFi pairing. The green light in the middle should start flashing quickly. Then you can add the device in the app using the quick connect method, which only takes a couple minutes.

Once connected, you can individually name and control the power for the top and bottom outlet and even turn on and off the USB port. Or even ask Alexa turn on or off all the sockets (using the device name) or just control the individual sockets or USB (which can also be uniquely named). You can also set countdown timers and repeating schedules for the outlets in the app which I found worked as expected.

Overall, this smart outlet was very simple and quick to install and setup on one's own. All the functions work well, and you can control it wirelessly using the Smart Life app or by Alexa voice commands. It’s a great way to eliminate external timer units, and you can control the power to the socket from anywhere with an internet connection.

Buy it at Amazon: Teckin WiFi Smart Wall Socket [Affiliate Link]


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