Wholev 10 Inch LED Monitor (TFT-LCD) Model 1016 Review

Wholev 10 Inch LED Monitor (TFT-LCD) Model 1016 Review

Buy it at Amazon: Wholev 10 Inch LED Monitor (TFT-LCD) Model 1016 [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to set up, plug-and-play, bright screen, decent color and video quality. Okay audio.

You’ll receive the monitor, stand base with articulating mount, double-sided adhesive sticker, HDMI cable, CCTV coax cable, VGA cable, a power supply, and brief instruction manual. The monitor measures 6.5” x 9.5” inches and has a 10” viewable diagonal. The panel is 1.5” thick. Along the bottom right corner are physical buttons for power, input source, menu, and menu navigation. Note that the buttons are along the bottom edge.

On the back you have 2 external speakers, a slot for the included mount, and screw holes for an optional plate mount. The ports along the bottom edge are for power,VGA input, HDMI input, RCA input, USB accessory port, and coaxial input. To use the stand, slide the metal bracket of the mount into the slot on the back of the monitor. Then unscrew the thumbscrew on the side of the mount and separate the two halves of the bottom. Insert the neck of the stand into one half, and re-assemble, tightening the thumb screw to lock it in place. To adjust the tilt, loosen the screw, tilt the monitor, then tighten the screw back down. The monitor is basically plug-and-play. Just plug in the power cord, connect a video source, for example VGA or HDMI.

If you don’t see an image right away, make sure to press the input button to select the proper input type. In the menu, you can change different options like color temperature, brightness, and contrast. As you can see, the image on the screen is quite bright and clear at 1280x800 or 720p resolution. While it does look slightly over-exposed, I can make a few adjustments to improve the accuracy and color saturation. Unfortunately my home security system doesn’t capture audio, there’s actually no sound in this video feed. But if your CCTV system supports audio, you’d be able to hear the sound from your audio feed when using this as its monitor.

I was also able to use the screen as an external monitor for my phone, via the HDMI input, and play video/watch movies on the screen. The audio from the monitor is expected small and tinny, but can get pretty loud, albeit a bit distorted at max volume. You can also use the USB accessory port to power streaming devices like the Amazon FireTV stick or use this mini monitor with a gaming system like PS4 or Xbox. Just note that the max refresh rate will be 60Hz.

Overall, this monitor is super simple to setup since it’s plug-and-play, is a great size for countertops or small spaces, and works perfectly with my security system, so I can monitor a live feed from my security cameras. It's also small enough to be portable and is easily packed for travel.

Buy it at Amazon: Wholev 10 Inch LED Monitor (TFT-LCD) Model 1016 [Affiliate Link]


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