Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control Review

Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control Review

Buy it at Amazon: Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: New features in the updated app, larger device library, more functionality, same great universal remote.

The updated Sofabaton U1 includes an updated user manual, the U1 remote control, and a set of 2 AA batteries. The so-called ""updated"" U1 is indistinguishable from the original version that launched last year, and that's because while the app and features have been updated, what you get in the box is actually still the same.

Just a quick recap, the Sofabaton U1 is a Bluetooth enabled universal remote control that can learn up to 15 different remotes, allowing you to consolidate nearly any devices’ remotes to just one. In my previous review I showed you just how easy it was to add your existing remotes to the U1, for your cable box, sound bar, or even FireTV stick and you can read about that here: https://bit.ly/2DTfofr

So if you bought the U1 last year, you don’t have to rush out and buy the updated U1 to have access to any new features. All you have to do is update the app on your phone to the latest version. The updated app has a larger library of devices in its database for you to quickly choose from and add your devices’ remotes to it. Now when you go to add a device, you’ll see more quick selections up top like NVIDIA, DirectTV, and Xfinity. There’s also a small section of video demonstrations with links to clips on YouTube for help with things like reassigning a function or if you can’t find your remote control’s model.

A really helpful new feature is the ability to add and reassign functions for Bluetooth remotes, like the remote for the FireTV, which previously were locked into a set configuration. Now, you can customize your added Bluetooth remotes to utilize all the buttons on the U1, which can map to different keys on a keyboard or even execute custom macros.

In conclusion, if you’ve already got the original Sofabaton U1, make sure you update to the latest app to unlock these new features, but don’t worry about having to buy the “updated” version as listed an Amazon because you’ll end up with the same device. However, if you don’t have a Sofabaton already, and want to reduce clutter by combining all your device's remotes into one easy to operate universal remote, then give this one a try. Sofabaton has generously agreed to sponsor a giveaway for 3 of its U1 universal remotes so check out this link to enter to win: https://www.rafflecopter.com/rafl/display/b4c2530f10/ (Contest ends 9/10/20 12:00AM Midnight)

Buy it at Amazon: Updated Sofabaton U1 Universal Remote Control [Affiliate Link]


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