Cwowdefu 7 Inch Learning Tablet for Kids Review

Cwowdefu 7 Inch Learning Tablet for Kids Review

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Takeaway: A fully featured Android tablet with kids oriented interface app and parental controls.

You’ll receive the tablet, a mini stand, power adapter, microUSB charging cable, capacitive touch pen, and an instruction manual. The tablet measures 4.75” tall and 7.75” wide with a 7” viewable screen diagonal and is just under 0.5” thick. It is pre-installed with a plastic screen protector, though you should remove the cover film first for best clarity. The mini stand measures 3” x 4” and the arm on the back opens to two positions. It’ll keep the tablet upright in both horizontal and vertical orientations. On the sides of the screen are the speakers on in the upper left corner is the 2MP front facing camera. On the left side you’ll find the microUSB charging port and under this rubber door is a microSD card slot and to its left a headphone port. On the top side is the power button, volume control buttons, and charging LED. On the back side the logo is in the middle and there’s a 2MP rear-facing camera here.

To turn the tablet on, press and hold the power button. It’ll take a few seconds to load up past the splash screen and intro animation. The tablet arrives unlocked, so just swipe to unlock. It’ll ask if you want to set the iWawa app as the default home page, which is the kids interface so select always if you want the tablet to be ""locked"" in this mode. The first time you use the app, there’s a quick intro of the main menu navigation and a default profile named 'Kid,' in the middle of the screen. If you tap on this it’ll bring up the available app categories for children. However, you’ll need an internet connection to download the content, so let’s back out to the main screen and enter the settings. To access them, you’ll need to answer a quick math question, which is supposed to keep kids out of this menu, but that only works for kids who can’t add yet, you can also setup a numeric pass code. In the settings, we’ll scroll down to the gear icon, select WiFi and connect to the internet.

Once connected, we can go back into the kid profile and now when we access the categories, we can see the games and app for example, shape match. The games and activities cover a range of difficulties and knowledge like shapes, spatial reasoning, colors, puzzles, and math. Kids may also have access to the cameras to take photos or video, but note that the image quality at 2 MP isn’t that great. Once the games have been downloaded, you won't need an internet connection to access activities and apps you've already downloaded to the tablet, but if you try to launch new features or apps, you'll have to make sure you're connected to the internet. If you're traveling somewhere where you won't have an internet connection (like on a plane) make sure you download all the games, apps, and features you want to use in advance.

Upon exiting exit the app, which again requires either a pass code or simple math, you can access the regular tablet mode, which is your standard Android OS interface. You can browse the web using chrome and install more apps from the Google Play store just like on any other Android mobile device. Swipe up from the bottom of the screen to see all the apps installed. To re-enter the kids interface, launch Cwowdefu.

If you have more than 1 child, you can add more profiles in the settings, customizing the name, gender, birthday and password for each account. Then just select the appropriate profile at the home screen. Instead of using a math problem to unlock parental controls, you can set your own numeric pass code (4 to 20 digits long). In the settings you can manage which apps each child has access to, turning off access for apps you don’t want them to use, and switching on access for apps that have been newly installed. Just remember you’ll have to set each child’s permissions individually. You can do the same for website, media content on the device, and even assign schedules and time limits that each child can use the tablet and log in. This can be a recurring time-frame for the whole week, or you can specify rules per day, how many sessions they are allowed, for how long and what period of time needs to pass between sessions. Of course, for special occasions you can choose unlimited access or prohibit as necessary. When a child tries to login outside of the restrictions, they’ll just get a lock screen. Of course, this only works if other profiles are password protected. Note that some of the games in the 'Mini Arcade' app have video ads that run in between game launches. While normally kids won't be able to exit the iWawa interface, clicking on an ad may launch an external browser, bypassing this safeguard.

Overall, I think this kids tablet has a lot of fun features, games, and educational apps. It’s not the fastest or most responsive tablet with only 2GB of RAM, though the 32 GB of built-in storage can be expanded by 128GB via the SD card slot. High-end games may not play well due to hardware limitations and HD video won’t look great on its 1024x 600 resolution screen. And as a tablet for adults, it's usable, but slow. However, for younger children who might benefit from these games and activities, parents can rest assured knowing they have fine control over the content they’re able to access and the amount of time they can spend in front of the screen. That, and you’d still be able to use it to surf the web, watch a couple videosm, or check your email if you need to. On a full charge the tablet lasts between 3-5 hours of use depending on screen brightness and the type of activities being performed.

Buy it at Amazon: Cwowdefu 7 Inch Learning Tablet for Kids [Affiliate Link]


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