Samsung JetBot Mop Mopping Robot Review

Samsung JetBot Mop Mopping Robot Review

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Takeaway: A simple clean and shine, easy/convenient to use.

You’ll receive the robot mop, two water tanks, a remote control with pair of AAA batteries, a silicone cleaning brush, power adapter, a set of microfiber and heavy-duty mop pads, storage base, and an instruction manual. The robot mop has a plastic body and measures 11.5” wide, 5” across, and sits about 5” high. Across the middle of the body, is a translucent glossy band which houses the unit’s sensors. On the back is the barrel style charging port. On top you’ll find a plastic carrying handle with the power button on one end and remote control receiver on the other. On the bottom of the unit are the attachment brackets for the water tanks.

The remote control can be used to select the cleaning mode and control the robot. The silver play key starts or stops operation, while the directional keys allow for manual navigation. The different cleaning modes available are auto, edge, focus, intensive, infinity pattern, step, and 50 minutes. Before first use, be sure to plug in and charge the unit for several hours until the battery is full. When charging, the power button’s LED will flash yellow if it has low battery. It flashes blue with a medium charge, and changes to solid blue when the battery is full. Note that the unit cannot be powered on or controlled using the remote while plugged in.

The two sets of mop pads are used for different levels of soil. The heavy-duty cotton pads on the right are for tougher cleaning jobs and heavy soils, while the microfiber pads on the left are more for buffing and regular light cleanings. The backs of the pads have a fine felt loops that allow the pads to stick to the Velcro hooks on the bottom of the water tanks. The tanks are thin and flat and can hold about ¼ cup of water each. Just be sure to center the pads when placing them on the bottom so that the post in the center goes all the way through. If they’re not centered they might fall off during operation. To remove the pads after use, just pull them off gently.

When preparing to use the mop, you’ll want to dampened the pads with water and wring them out before installing them on the tanks, then fill the tanks after attaching the pads to them. The top of the tanks is translucent, so you can see the water level inside. I like to slightly tilt the tanks when filling to maximize the amount of water I can use. Note that you should use plain water only and are not supposed to add any soap, detergent, or other cleansers to the tank. To install the water tanks on the unit, simply place them over the mounting tray and twist clockwise while pressing down gently until it clicks and locks into place.

When you press the power button on the unit, it will enter into standby. Then you can press play on the remote (or any of the mode keys) to begin operation. In auto mode, the unit moves in a random path, rotating as it goes, while attempting to cover the entire area it has access to and finding the perimeter of the room. The robot moves quite slowly, rotating as it goes. It doesn’t create a map of your room though, so its path isn’t always efficient and it may go over an area several times. The unit is recommended for use on hard floors except those that are black, which may prevent it from operating properly. The remote can be used to switch modes at any time. It will wander until it hits a solid wall or object and then attempt to move along it, frequently bumping into things before changing directions. I found that the unit couldn't get to the kickplate which is reccessed under my cabinets since the unit is taller than the space underneath. It also couldn't ""see"" the cabinets since the sensors were too low. It did however, successfully avoid falling off the step into the laundry room. If the light turns a solid yellow during operation, this indicates the battery is low, and it will simply just stop operating where it is, leaving you to search and recover the device in order to charge it.

After use, you should remove and empty the tanks to prevent the buildup of mold, mildew, and bacteria. To remove them, hold the tank with one hand while pulling up on the handle and they should pop off easily. Then empty any remaining water in the tanks, remove and wash the pads, and hang dry. There’s also a “handy cleaning” mode that allows you to operate the unit handheld. Just press the power button twice after turning it on and the pads will spin, allowing you to clean other surfaces like countertops, walls, and windows. But you do have to remember not to put the unit down while in ‘handy’ mode because all the sensors will be off, including obstacle and drop sensors. To exit this mode, press the power button twice or the start/stop key on the remote.

Overall, I felt the cleaning power of this robot mop was light to moderate. It picks up dust and light soils fairly well, but doesn’t do a great job with heavier stuck on or sticky messes. Even in focus mode, it tends to wander away from the area where you set it down. It’s actually quite good at getting up to the edges of your walls, provided they are flat, but isn’t able to access recessed kickplates under cabinets. The unit isn’t smart though and can’t be controlled via a mobile device, be set to a regular cleaning cycle, nor does it create an internal map for an efficient cleaning path. The mop tends to bump into furniture a lot before changing direction and there aren’t any virtual walls that can be used with it, so physical barriers are needed if you want to keep it confined to one room or area. It typically runs out of water after 50 minutes, or a bit sooner on intensive mode and can be run for 100 minute total before needing to be charged. Although the unit takes a while to completely clean a room, it can save you time and effort by giving your floors a quick mop or polish. It’s not entirely hands-off though, as you do have to fill/re-fill the tanks and ensure you remove and clean the pads after each use, but that’s still much simpler than traditional mopping.

Buy it at Amazon: Samsung JetBot Mop Mopping Robot [Affiliate Link]


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