ZooZee Z50 Robot Vacuum with Hybrid Mop Tank Review

ZooZee Z50 Robot Vacuum with Hybrid Mop Tank Review

Buy it at Amazon: ZooZee Z50 Robot Vacuum with Hybrid Mop Tank [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Versatile, good cleaning power, dual vac/mop feature, easy to use.

You’ll receive the robot vacuum, charging station, AC charger, combo dust bin and mop water tank, extra mop pad, magnetic boundary strip, extra HEPA filter, comb and cutting tool, remote control with a pair of AAA batteries, and four sweeper brushes. You’ll also receive an instruction manual and two quick start guides, one of the robot vacuum, and one for installing the smart mobile app.

The robot vacuum measures 13” in diameter and is 3” tall. It has a glossy tempered glass top and on the bottom, there are two large driving wheels, a small guide wheel at the front which can spin 360 to head in any direction, two silver charging plates, a central roller brush, which can be removed for cleaning, and a pair of spinning brushes. Be sure to pay close attention to the letters on the spinning brushes when installin because they are marked left and right.

Along the front side is a translucent bar sensor which helps the robot detect walls and obstacles so it can avoid them, but if it does run into something, the front bumper depresses for a soft collision and the rubber strip at the bottom helps prevent marks on your walls and furniture. The dust bin has a pre-installed HEPA filter, foam sponge filter, and gauze filter to ensure the air that exits the machine is dust-free. It is large and can hold several cups of dust and debris. I like that there is a clear plastic door over the intake opening to prevent the contents of the dust bin from falling out when the dust bin is removed.

The charging station is nice and compact at 6” wide, 5.5” deep, and 3” tall. You can store any excess cable from the AC adpter in the compartment on the bottom. When charging, the LEDs on the robot will blink red. The unit can run for up to 4 hours on the lowest power level. The remote control is straight forward and easy to use. It includes additional functions like directional arrows for manual navigation, call button to have the robot announce its location, a 3-speed suction power and water level keys, mute, edge/wall cleaning mode, and spot-clean mode. You can start a cleaning cycle by simply pressing the power key on the robot or using the remote control. In auto-mode, the robot vacuum cleans in a zigzag pattern and moves back and forth across the room. When the robot approaches a wall it will slow down and doesn’t need to bump it to know to turn around. For smaller obstacles, it may bump them first before changing direction. For better cleaning performance, you can turn up the cleaning power and you’ll hear the fan get a little louder. This will, however, reduce the amount of runtime you get per charge

When entering edge cleaning mode, the robot will seek out a wall at the perimeter of your room. Notice that it avoids the base station so that it doesn’t mistakenly push it around. It had trouble crossing high transitions like the ¾” height difference between my kitchen and dining room as we're under a bit of construction and don't have the new floors in yet. In spot clean mode, the robot will clean in a circle pattern, an area about 5 feet in diameter. If the robot stops or gets stuck and you have trouble finding it, just press the call button on the remote, and it will call out to help you locate it. Just make sure you don’t have the mute function turned on, or else it won’t make any sound.

For the magnetic barrier, all you need to do is place it on the floor and the robot with not cross over that line; this is helpful if you want to confine the robot to a specific room or area. It comes with 3 pieces of double-sided tape if you want to make its placement semi-permanent, but it’s easy enough to pick up and put way or move after you’re done vacuuming. If you need multiple barriers, it’s easy enough to purchase more magnetic strip online since this is the same technology used by several other robot vac brands. The robot will return to the charging station automatically when it has less than 20% power.

I found that the robot picks up a lot of fine dust and debris that my upright vacuum missed. This sis probably because the sweepers can get under things and in crevises the large vacuum cannot. It really easy to open and dump out the contents of the dust bin after vacuuming. For the really fine dust particles that you can’t shake out of the bin, you can go ahead and wash the entire bin and all the filters out with plain water in the sink. Just be sure to rinse and dry the filters completely before the next use. For mopping, I switched over to the mop tank and was glad to see that it could vacuum and mop at the same time. The mop tank basically has a smaller removeable version of the dust bin in it. The mop pad is attached via Velcro on the bottom of the tank and is really easy to put on and take off. I did notice that the mop pad takes a while to get fully saturated, so I recommend pre-damping the mop pad before attaching it to the tank so that you can get full mopping coverage right away. I was also surprised to find that this robot vacuum also can vacuum over carpeted areas, though the spinning brushes don’t perform as well, and it did have trouble navigating over wrinkles or bumps in the carpet and operates best if the carpet is completely flat and even. As for the cliff sensors, the robot succesfully stopped at the top of my stairs without tumbling over, so I don't have to worry about that.

I connected the vacuum to the Smart Life app and was able to use the app in lieu of the remote control and also love the AmazonAlexa voice commands for starting and stopping a cleaning cycle. I found it convenient to setup a regular cleaning schedule so that th vacuum would automatically clean when the space was not occupied which helps us maintain a level of cleanliless every day. I also like that you can track usage stats in the app like how long it cleaned for, how much space it covered, check remaining battery life, and even see a map of the coverage area and historical data.

Overall, the ZooZee Z50 robot vacuum does a great job picking up dust, dirt, and debris on both hard and carpeted flooring. As a mop it’s great for a light wipe and shine, though for tough stuck-on messes, you’ll probably need to clean using another method as it doesn’t offer a ton of scrubbing power. The remote, mobile app, and voice commands give you a variety of options for starting a cleaning cycle, or simply set it on a schedule to run at regular intervals so you’ll spend less time cleaning and more time enjoying your clean floors.

Buy it at Amazon: ZooZee Z50 Robot Vacuum with Hybrid Mop Tank [Affiliate Link]


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