Huryee Hard Wired Plug In Under Cabinet LED Lights Installation and Review

Huryee Hard Wired Plug In Under Cabinet LED Lights Installation and Review

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Takeaway: Configurable length, versatile, easy to install. Bright lights w/selectable color and intensity.

You’ll receive 3 LED light bars, a power cord, illustrated instructions, 3 power connectors, and three pairs of wood screws for mounting the lights. The measure 12” long, 3.5” wide, and 1” thick. On the front half of the light is a translucent white plastic diffuser, while the back half is a solid color plastic. There are two holes for the mounting screws to attach these to your cabinets. On the left-hand side, you’ll find the power level rocker with low and high power modes, and a three color setting toggle to switch between warm white, neutral white and cool white color modes. On the side nearest the controls, is the power port, and on the opposite side, under this plastic cap, is a pass-through male jumper connector which allows you to join multiple units together. On the back of the unit are the power specifications which as 120 V AC at 60 Hz 0.05Amp and 6 Watts. It also notes not to connect more than 20 of these lights together. Warm white has an orangey glow, while neutral white mimics natural sunlight, and cool white has a slightly bluish hue.

To join two fixtures together, match the female side of the power connector to the male jumper connecter on the fixture and press together firmly. Then press the second light fixture’s power input to the connector. You’ll end up with a single light bar that’s now 24” long. You can do this a second time with the third light fixture so that you end up with one 36” long LED bar, so the set is customizable to suit your needs. Then to power the unit, attach the power cable to the female connector of the first light in the series and plug it in any outlet. Note that when connected, each section of the light power is still individually controlled using the switches for that section. That includes both power level and color temperature, so even when linked together in series, you need to turn them on and change their colors individually.

If you don’t want one long LED bar, and instead want to use all three units separately, you can purchase a pair of 12” jumper cables for the set separately or extra power cords and power each light off separate outlets. Since my cabinets have separations underneath, I used the jumper cables instead of the power connectors, which also have one male and one female end. The lights will function in the same way, sharing a power source, but still requiring individual control of each section using the switches for that light.

Prior to installing the under cabinet lights, my countertops were pretty dark since the overhead lighting cast the cabinet shadows down onto the counters, and the work space was hard to use because of it. When installing the lights, decide if you want the power cord on the left or right hand side and position accordingly. Then just insert the screws into the mounting holes, and tighten them all the way using a Philips screwdriver. Connect the fixtures using the connectors or jump cables, and plug the assembly into a nearby outlet. If you need to direct wire the lights, simply cut the plug off the power cable and attach the live and neutral wires to your internal wall wiring accordingly.

From the front, due to the low profile of the lights, neither the fixture nor the wires are visible. This entire plug-in installation took me less than 30 minutes. The warm white color goes great with my existing ceiling lights that use the same color temperature, but it's great having the option to change the color temperature or use the lower setting if I'm feeling a different vibe. Overall, the installing these lights was quick and simple. The lights look great and are seamless with my cabinets, and now I can see my countertops clearly when prepping food and cooking.

Buy it at Amazon: Huryee Hard Wired Plug In Under Cabinet LED Lights [Affiliate Link]


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