Eshldty T1 RGB Power Strip Review

Eshldty T1 RGB Power Strip Review

Buy it at Amazon: Eshldty T1 RGB Power Strip [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Colorful, durable, weatherproof, convenient and space saving

The Eshdlty T1 power strip comes in several sizes, this being the largest with 12 AC plugs (4 levels), though they also make shorter 9 and 6 plug versions. The unit comes with a brief instruction manual. The tower has a triangular base and the 12 plug version measures and 4.5” inches along the sides. Each of the 3 faces has 4 US-style AC outlets and the tower portion isn’t rotatable, so if you want to turn the tower, you’ll have to swivel the entire unit. The power cord is a heavy-duty 14 gauge 5.5 foot cable with a 3-prong grounded plug. On the bottom are three small rubber feet, though they actually do a good job preventing the unit from sliding around. There’s also a small rubber carry strap on top, but it’s simple enough to pickup without it since it only weighs 2 lbs.

The translucent sections on top, the vertical bars on the sides, and the triangular outline on the base are RGB LED lights. On the right-hand side of the base is the power rocker which illuminates white when you switch the unit on. On the top of the tower, if you tap on the center, this changes the RGB light mode and you can cycle through the colors like white, red, green, blue, orange, purple, and yellow, as well as an animated rainbow mode and kaleidoscope mode. The last mode is the rhythmic light show, and you’ll see that the lights will illuminate and flash to sounds picked up by the small microphone built-in the unit. Don’t worry about privacy though, since this mic isn’t connected to the internet and can’t record any sound. At the front of the base is a slide out phone or tablet stand, so you can place your phone vertically or horizontally in it. Just remember that this may block some or all of the outlets on the front face, though in landscape I only need to keep the bottom one clear for my phone. When setting the lights to flash to music, note that the lights tend to respond to lower frequency sounds like bass beats and low notes so performance may vary depending on the type of music playing and the proximity of the sound source to the power strip’s microphone. If you want to shut the lights off, just tap and hold the center of the top for a couple seconds and the vertical and base lights will shut off. Continue to hold, or repeat this action to also turn off the top light. Note that the Led in the power button will remain illuminated, unless you switch the unit off. Whenever you switch the power strip back on, it’ll remember your last LED setting, and to turn it back on from off mode, tap the center once to turn on the top only and again for the rest of the lights.

Power output wise, in addition to the AC outlets, this unit has three 3Amp max smart USB-A ports on the left side and a 20W PD USB-C port for power delivery and quick charge devices. When my phone was connected to this port it detected that a fast charger is connected. This port is also impressively able to power and charge my gaming laptop through the USB-C port and is recognized as a PD power source with e max output of 9V at 2.2A. Just remember that the max output voltage, amperage, and watts are shared across all the USB ports, and capped at 5V and 3A when 2 more ports are used, so your results may vary if you plug in multiple devices. However, you can have a mix of devices plugged in, so the USB ports and AC ports can still be utilized at the same time. I also like that the top two rows of outlets are oriented opposite the bottom two rows so that if you have bulk power bricks and adapters, you can arrange them so they don’t crowd each other. The power maximum for the entire unit is 1875Watts with a max current of 15A at 125V.

The strip plug has built-in 2000 Joule surge protection and is IPX6 waterproof as well, so it can withstand splashes and sprays, though should not be completely submerged. Of course, I had to see for myself if it would still work after it got wet and even after drenching the entire unit with a couple gallons of water, it continued to function fine during and after getting wet. The instructions do say to dry it off with a towel and let it dry completely for 24 hours before using it again if it gets really wet, so you probably don’t want to leave this plugged in outside unless it’s used in a protected area.

Overall, this tower strip plug is not only a great space saver, providing me easy access to a multitude of outlets and powered USB ports right on my desk, it’s also a cool decorative feature with its RGB and lightshow capabilities, and I can rest assured knowing it has built-in surge protection, is waterproof, and not to mention the plastic body is fireproof as well.

Buy it at Amazon: Eshldty T1 RGB Power Strip [Affiliate Link]


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