CleanTech UVC Sanitizing Air Purifier Review

CleanTech UVC Sanitizing Air Purifier Review

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Takeaway: Clean, sanitized air, powerful fan but a bit loud.

You’ll receive the air purifier unit, 5 ft power cord, and an instruction manual. The body is made from a lightweight plastic, and it weighs about 5.5 lbs. It measures 7-3/4 in width and length and is 16.5 in tall. The unit has a minimalist design and only comes in white. At the back, underneath, you’ll find the port for the power cord and plugging it in is the only assembly and setup you’ll need to perform.

You’ll notice four plastic feet on the bottom, though these are not rubberized for stability and may allow the unit the slide on a slippery or uneven surface. They are threaded, however, aren’t meant to be used for leveling as they become wobbly once you loosen them. Their real purpose is to secure on the bottom cover which allows access to change the filter inside. It comes pre-installed with a True HEPA H11 filter with a 5-3/4 inch diameter. It has an inner lining and 4 inch wide pleated surface to capture particles down to 0.3 microns and prevent them from entering the UV chamber.

If we take a look inside the unit, you'll find the 12.5” dual cathode UV bulb in the chamber that is lined with a reflective material that is designed to slow the air that passes through it down and maximize the amount of time the air is exposed to the light so that it can sterilize it using 254nm wavelength UVC light which disrupts the DNA of microorganisms like mold, bacteria, and viruses. The bulb is also designed to block the transmission of the harmful 185nm wavelength that produces ozone, and indeed, when the unit is running, you won’t get that characteristic smell of static that ozone has. You’ll need to replace the filter every 6 to 12 months, depending on your usage habits. The bulb, which has a 16,000 hour life or about 2 years if used 24/7, is also replaceable and CleanTech plans to sell replacement bulbs in the future.

On top of the unit, you have the air exhaust which pushes out the clean air after being drawn in through the bottom, passing through the HEPA filter and then the UVC sterilization chamber. As for controls, there is just one button for power and switching modes. A single press will set the unit to Max mode, which runs for 2 hours before shutting off. The fan on the unit is pretty loud in this mode at around 60 decibels, comparable to the noise level of the vent hood above my stovetop. There’s also a very slight, but distinct electric hum from the UVC bulb and the unit does not have a HEPA filter only mode. You can also feel that it’s moving a lot of air for such a small machine, and the recommended space that it covers efficiently is around 200 square feet. A second press of power button switches the fan to min mode, which runs at half speed and also generates around half the noise but still not exactly what I’d consider quiet and more like the white noise of a window fan. In this mode the unit will run continuously 24/7 without stopping, until the press the power button again to turn the unit off.

Even with all the lights turned off there is very little light bleeding from this unit. Right around the base you can just barely see a hint of glow, which is a good thing, because you don’t want to expose your skin or eyes to the light directly as it can cause injuries even for just brief exposures. From the top there is virtually no visible light unless you very deliberately try to look down into the machine (Don't do this!).

The last thing you should be aware of is that the UVC light will discolor the plastic inside the unit, giving it a yellow or brown appearance. This is normal and won’t affect the performance of the unit. It's clear the UVC exposure is pretty much limited to the interior of the unit, as the outer walls were not discolored.

Overall, I think the CleanTech Air Purifier is an innovative type of air purifier that combines UV sterilization with a powerful fan packed into a small unit that would be effective in a small space. Due to the noise level, I usually only run the Max mode when a room is unoccupied, and I like that it shuts itself off after cleaning the air. If you aren’t bothered by a little background noise though, you can run it 24/7 in Min mode and enjoy a constant flow of cleaner air.

Buy it at Amazon: CleanTech UVC Sanitizing Air Purifier [Affiliate Link]


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