TackSpace Electric Lift Faux Leather Recliner Chair Assembly and Review

TackSpace Electric Lift Faux Leather Recliner Chair Assembly and Review

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Takeaway: Easy to assemble and operate, slow and steady lift/recline, stylish and comfortable.

The chair ships in 2 very large boxes, weighing about 90 lbs and 56 lbs. Each contains different parts of the chair: assembly instructions, chair base with the frame and lift assembly, arms, back, and ears. The easiest way I found to remove the components from the boxes is to turn them on their sides and slide the contents out. Most of the weight is from the chair base’s heavy-duty alloy steel framework which feels thick, sturdy, and long-lasting. Underneath the chair’s seat you’ll find a bag containing parts required for assembly which you should detach and remove. It contains the remote control, power adapter, stabilizing feet, 4 bolts and 4 wing nuts, and two plastic bracket caps.

The first step of the assembly is to install the anti-tip stabilizing feet to the frame. Then attach the back, sides, and ears to their corresponding brackets which simply slide together and lock in place. The only tricky parts was installing the ears as you have to compress the cushion a bit to line up the brackets. Just make sure all connections are seated firmly until the latches engage. The power adapter attaches to the port next to the power button on the back, and the connector only goes in one way. After the adapter is plugged in you can switch the chair on. When the chair is powered on, a blue light will illuminate around the buttons on the remote control. The up arrow lifts the chair and the down arrow will lower and recline the chair. At the tip of the remote is a USB port that you can use to power or charge a mobile device with a low current like a cell phone (not fast charging). It is pretty convenient to have an extra USB port right at your finger tips.

The coiled cable on the remote is about 3 feet long and can stretch up to 5 feet long. One thing to note is that the controller will only move the chair as long as you are holding the button down. When you let go, the chair will stop moving. There is no one-touch button or feature that will fully recline or lift the chair with a single short-press. From a seated position, reclining the chair fully takes about 15 seconds. So while it’s not instantaneous like a spring lever mechanism, it is a nice slow and even pace. At full horizontal, there is a slight bend at the waist and the chair is quite comfortable and relaxing. The anti-tip feet make the balancing feel secure and steady and at no point did I feel like the chair would tip or fall over. When you’re ready to get up, simply press and hold the up button on the remote to return the chair to the seated position. Continue to hold the button and the chair will lift, to assist those who need a little help getting out of such a large chair. From a seated position, going to the fully lifted position takes about 23 seconds, and this allows the user to firmly plant their feet on the ground in a semi-standing position and easily lift themselves out of the chair.

When fully assembled, the chair measures 33” wide, 40” tall, and 36” from front to back (in sitting position). The seat back is 28” tall, 21” deep, and 23” inches wide. When fully reclined, the chair measures 60” long from front to back, so it's recommended to leave at least 3 feet of empty space behind the chair so that it can recline fully without interference. The faux leather fabric is handsome, thick, and upscale with a realistic grain, glossy finish and soft, pliable feel. The material is stitched with chunky, durable thread that doesn’t feel like it would break or tear easily. The chair itself has a decent amount of cushion that doesn’t feel too firm nor too mushy, and I found the sitting and lounging experience to be very comfortable. This chair can hold and lift up to a 330 pound capacity and is suitable for both tall and short individuals.

Overall, the chair was easy to assemble, which only took about 20 minutes, and the controls are simple and straightforward. The chair can even be easily disassembled for storage or moving ny releasing the catch levers. The pace of lifting and reclining is slow and gentle as to not rush the user too quickly, perfect for elderly users or those with limited mobility. You can also stop the recline or lift at any intermittent point by releasing the control button and settle on the position that is most comfortable for you. With the lift function, you can achieve a standing position more easily and with less effort. While you can leave the seat in the lifted position after getting out of the chair, I prefer to return it to the seated position prior to the next use, as it’s a little awkward getting into in the chair while it is in the lifted position.

Buy it at Amazon: TackSpace Electric Lift Faux Leather Recliner Chair [Affiliate Link]


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