TackSpace Manual Rocker Recliner Sofa Chair Assembly and Review

TackSpace Manual Rocker Recliner Sofa Chair Assembly and Review

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Takeaway: Straightforward assembly, comfortable, durable design, easy to operate.

TackSpace provided a complimentary sample of this chair for my unbiased review, and this one has slightly different features than their electric powered lift recliner that I reviewed previously. The chair comes shipped in 2 large boxes, weighing about 64 lbs and 60 lbs respectively. Each box contains different components of the chair, and some assembly is required. The best method I found for removing the contents of each box is to turn them on their sides first, before sliding the pieces out. Box ‘A’ is heavier and contains the base of the chair, made with a heavy-duty alloy steel frame that feels well-made and durable. Be careful when handling this piece as the rocking components on the bottom may slide and swing and you don’t want to get your hand caught between moving parts.

Each of the chair’s four feet come with plastic guards installed to prevent scratches and damage to your flooring. You’ll also need to cut and remove any plastic zip ties underneath that hold the moving parts in place during shipping. In box ‘B’ you’ll find the seat back and two chair arms. The right chair arm has the release lever for the spring activated foot rest and a wire cable extends from the back corner of it. The left chair arm is plain leather on the side. You may receive an instruction manual in one or both boxes; if you do receive two, they are identical. Before you begin assembly, remove the bracket covers (plastic T-shaped caps) on the front metal brackets on either side of the chair. If they aren’t in the brackets, check the shipping box as they may have fallen off during transportation.

I started assembly on the right-hand side by attaching the arm rest with the release mechanism to the base of the chair. Check to make sure when you pull the release lever, the cable retracts. If when you pull on the lever, you feel no resistance, and the cable doesn’t move, check inside the release handle to ensure the metal peg at the end of the cable is installed in the hole on the inside of the handle. If this cable is not connected, you will not be able to recline the chair.

When attaching the wire for the release lever, you’ll want to lay the arm leather side down next to the right-side of the chair base and make sure that the metal cable doesn’t slide between the hinge and the frame where it could be pinched. To attach the arm to the chair, line up the two metal brackets on the inside of the arm with the two metal catches on the side of the chair’s seat. Slide the brackets down over the catches and press down firmly until they both latch into place. Then attach the left arm in the same manner. To attach the seat back, carefully slide the two metal brackets at the sides of the chair back onto the exposed posts at the back of the chair base. Make sure to press down firmly so that the metal clip on the brackets snap into the notch in the bracket. At the bottom of the lower skirt of the chair, you’ll notice a black plastic edge and along the back of it is a groove, so you can attach it to the bottom of the metal back plate. Once in place, you can close the back flap by pressing the hook and loop strips together. The last step is to re-install the bracket caps that we removed at the beginning, between the seat cushion and the arms.

When fully assembled, the chair measures 39” from front to back, 41” tall, and 35” inches wide. The seat itself is 19” wide by 21” deep and the seat back is 29” tall and 28” wide. The material used on this chair is a mix of soft, breathable upholstery fabric and realistic faux leather side panels and accent piping. The stitching is straight and even with a thick gauge thread resistant to breaking. The leather has a natural grain and glossy finish that is easy to clean and care for. These fabrics feel upscale, are wear-resistant, and filled with high-density sponge polyester that is cushioning but supportive and comfortable to sit in; so you don’t sink in too deeply nor feel like it is overly firm. When seated in the chair, you can rock forward and back about 30 degrees and if you’d like to recline, simply pull the release handle and the foot rest will immediately spring outward. Note that with the foot rest extended, the rocking feature is disabled. You can also adjust the seat back angle between 110° to 160° by firmly leaning back in the chair and applying slight press with your shoulder against the chair back. Once you achieve a comfortable angle, your body weight will keep the chair back in position without you have to continuously apply weight against the chair back. When fully reclined there will be a slight bend at your waist and the overall chair depth is 66”, so you’ll need to set the chair at least 3 feet away from walls or other objects behind it. It feels very well-balanced and is secure and steady when reclined, so you won’t feel like you’re about to tip over. When you’re ready to get up, simply lean forward at the waist and the chair back will return to the upright position on its own. Then apply downward pressure with your legs to close the foot rest.

This chair has a maximum weight limit of 330 pounds and is suitable for both tall and short individuals. Overall, the chair was easy to assemble on my own, and the rocking and reclining features are fun and easy to use. It’s a great individual lounger for relaxing, watching TV, or taking a nap in.

Buy it at Amazon: TackSpace Manual Rocker Recliner Sofa Chair [Affiliate Link]


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