DBPower 250Wh Portable Power Station w/AC and USB Output Review

DBPower 250Wh Portable Power Station w/AC and USB Output Review

Buy it at Amazon: DBPower 250Wh Portable Power Station w/AC and USB Output [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to use and operate, lots of power capacity and flexibility, great for travel and emergencies.

You’ll receive the power bank, an AC adapter, and an instruction manual. The power bank measures 7” wide, 5.5” across and 5” tall. On top you’ll find a metal handle, and on the front are some important safety instructions for use. Keep in mind the max usage rating is 250W with 350W peak power -- that’s the amount of power a device needs when switched on, and if you go over this, it will trip the internal circuitry of the device. Also, while the unit it charging, the only functions that can be used are USB charging and the LED flashlight. The AC and DC plug functions will be disabled. The unit weighs just under 5 lbs, so for a 67200mAh battery it’s pretty compact and lightweight since the outer shell is made from plastic with only a few metal accents like the handle.

On one side of the unit, you’ll find a two LED flashlight with a vent beneath it and there is an air vent on the opposite side. On the bottom, there are four rubber feet in the corners to prevent sliding on a flat surface. On the front face, you have a smart USB charging port capable of outputting 5, 9, or 12V with 18 Watts max output for fast charging, 5V 2 Amp and 1 Amp USB out, USB-C input for charging, DC input for charging, for use with the included AC adapter, DC output for powering compatible devices like LEDs, mini fans that use less than 120W, a 110V/60Hz universal power socket, and two LED lights to the sides. On top of the unit are the controls and indicators along the front edge.

To charge the unit, use the included adapter in the DC-in, or a 3A USB-C charger, if you have one. It takes about 6 hours to charge the depleted battery to 100%. When charging the LED for the current power level will be flashing and when the unit is fully charged the lights will stop blinking. Just press the power button to turn it on and the LEDs in the middle show you the remaining battery life in 25% increments. The AC button turns on or off the universal socket. The DC/USB button turns on and off those ports, and the lights button can control both sets of LED flashlights. Short pressing it will turn on the LEDs on the left side, which are very bright. Short pressing a second time will cycle into flashing mode, then SOS, before turning off. To use the lights on the front panel, double-click the lights button, and long press or double click again to turn it off. Both sets of lights can be used at the same time. For example, short press to turn on the lights on the left and double-click to turn on the lights at the front. Only the lights at the left have flashing modes while the lights at the front are on and off only. Also, activating the lights also turns on DC mode automatically and turning off DC mode will also shut off the lights.

All the features can be used simultaneously as well, so you can turn on AC mode, DC mode, and the lights. Just make sure the power usage is under 250 Watts to prevent the overload protection circuit from tripping. If the unit has been on for longer than 20 seconds and no features are active, the unit will automatically shut off, and you’ll have to press power again to turn on other functions. The power bank, was successfully able to charge all my USB devices like my phone, digital camera, and even laptop, which draws about 200 Watts. On a full charge, on battery power, the power bank was able to continuously power and charge my laptop for a little over five and a half hours. I’ve used it for several months now and the charge in the station holds up really well in storage, even if I haven’t used it for several weeks. I was glad to have this unit when our power went out recently since I was able to use it as a flash light and keep my phone charged until the power came back on.

Overall, this mini power station carries a decent amount of capacity for the emergency or on-the-go use. You can power and charge your mobile devices a whole bunch of times, or run more power hungry devices like laptops or small electronics for a couple of hours from both a full-size grounded plug or USB power.

Buy it at Amazon: DBPower 250Wh Portable Power Station w/AC and USB Output [Affiliate Link]


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