Lucyd Lite Starman Polarized Lens Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses Review

Lucyd Lite Starman Polarized Lens Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses Review

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Takeaway: Nice design, but thin overall sound; stylish, best for podcasts and audiobooks.

You’ll receive the sunglasses, cleaning cloth, wall adapter, dual magnetic-tip USB charging cable, semi-hard leatherette case, a microfiber soft satchel case, and a quick-start card. The Starman style sunglasses feature a thin titanium wire frame on the face rather than plastic. The lenses I choose are a dark gray semi-reflective polarized lens with a 51mm lens width. The bridge width is 18mm, and the overall width is 138mm. For the most part, these look just like regular sunglasses except for the extra chunky black plastic arms which contain the battery and electronics for the Bluetooth ear pieces. While these look like they’d be heavy, they are actually surprisingly light at 1.1 oz or 32 grams. The arm length on these is 155mm and the frames only come in one size, and the nose pads on these frames are adjustable. As with most polarized lens sunglasses though, these are much too dark for indoor use, which limits where you may want to use them.

On the inside of each arm you’ll find the magnetic charging contacts in the middle, and I assume the batteries are housed in the large tail ends of each arm. Just before the curve of each arm, there is a speaker that is angled down and towards your ear and towards the front by the hinge is the power button for each ear piece. The left and right sides power on individually, so you’ll find a button on both sides. On the outside of each arm, is a small pinhole status LED. The left arm has 2 holes and one of these is the microphone.

The charging cable has two connectors, so you can charge both sides simultaneously, since each earpiece has its own battery. It is a proprietary connector though, so you won’t be able to charge these with generic USB cables. To charge, plug the cable into the wall adapter then into any outlet; then place a connector on the contact on each arm. This is easier to do when the glasses are sitting on a table, rather than holding in your hands, as the connectors tend to get knocked loose easily since the magnets aren’t super strong. When charging, the status LED will be red but shuts off when fully charged. Just remember that since each earpiece has its own battery, they may finish charging at different times.

When you disconnect the glasses from the charging cables, they will power on automatically, but if you need to power them on from the 'off' state, just press and hold both power buttons for several seconds. Once both sides are on, they will automatically pair to one another, then enter pairing mode for connecting to your Bluetooth audio source indicated by flashing red and blue lights. Since there’s no accompanying app for Lucyd, you can go directly into your device’s Bluetooth settings and select 'Lucyd Lyte' from the devices list. When paired, there will be a flashing blue LED on the outside of the arms, which makes them more obvious as an electronic device versus plain sunglasses.

These frames operate like a typical set of Bluetooth earphones with the ability to listen to music and answer and conduct hands-free calls through the built-in microphone. The power buttons double as playback controls allowing you to start/pause audio with double presses, skip tracks forward and back with triple-presses, change the volume with short presses, as well as pickup, swap, or decline incoming phone calls. Call audio is clear from both ends and callers had no trouble hearing me when speaking at a normal volume. You can also activate a digital voice assistant like Siri or Google by holding either button for 2 seconds. Note that powering off either earpiece automatically turns off both.

I usually need a wider overall frame to fit my face, but since there is a decent amount of flex at this frame’s corners, even though the hinges don’t articulate outwards. I still found them quite comfortable to wear for long periods without feeling any significant pinching at the sides of my head.

Since the speakers for these frames are not in or on your ears, they won’t block out external sounds to create an immersive experience. However, this does allow you to hear what’s going on around you for improved situational awareness. The quality of the audio isn’t the greatest though and is generally a bit thin sounding with a distant soundstage and general tinny-ness. There’s also a lack of bass reproduction and a lot of sound bleeding even at moderate volumes, so be aware that people around you will be able to hear what you’re listening to. These can, however, put out a lot of sound relative to their size which will be more than load enough for most users to listen comfortably.

While the sunglasses don’t audibly announce the battery life, I was able to see an approximate percent remaining battery in my phone’s Bluetooth menu. The battery seems to be quite long lasting as I’ve listened to over 5 hours of music and podcasts at mid to low volume, and it’s still have plenty left, according to this meter. These are also are great for watching video since the Bluetooth 5.0 protocol used performs with little to no lag or delay between the video on my smartphone and audio coming from the speakers for an accurately synced viewing experience.

Overall, these frames are a stylish and lightweight pair of sunglasses that offer wireless Bluetooth headphones in a slim discreet profile. You can order these sunglasses with a wide variety of lens colors and finishes or even get prescription lenses for them. The audio quality is not terribly great for listening to music, especially when compared to the clean and balanced sound of the Bose Frames, these work great for podcasts and audiobooks where audio fidelity isn’t quite as important. It’s also nice to not have things in your ears but still enjoy your audio content on a sunny day, though for use in indoor spaces, you might want to consider getting clear or prescription lenses instead.

Buy it at Amazon: Lucyd Lite Starman Polarized Lens Bluetooth Audio Sunglasses [Affiliate Link]


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