Everwine Wine Preservation System by Stonevale Products Review

Everwine Wine Preservation System by Stonevale Products Review

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Takeaway: Easy to install and use, preserves and serves wine for a good while.

I like wine but I don’t always finish the bottle after it’s been opened, so over the years I’ve tried a number of tools to help preserve what’s left in a bottle after it’s been opened. From rubber corks with built-in pumps, to vacuum seal style stoppers, preservation gas in a can, and even this wine dispenser that injects compressed argon gas into the bottle through the cork using these pricey metal cartridges. All of these devices work to some extent using the same principle, to reduce or remove the air in the bottle so that oxygen won’t oxidize the wine and spoil it.

The Everwine Preservation system accomplishes this in a pretty interesting and unique way. The system comes inside a plastic storage pouch and consists of 3 pieces: The cork with built-in dispenser, locking collar, and a manual pump. The long tube extending from the cork is an expansion envelope made of latex, so basically a balloon, that when you pump air into, through the port at the top, expands inside your wine bottle, pushing air out of the bottle, thus eliminating most or all of the oxygen that may spoil the wine. Just keep in mind that if you have a latex allergy, this may not be the best wine preservation solution for you.

So let’s install it and see it in action. Here we have an open bottle of white wine that I’ve already serve a couple glasses out of, but now to want to store to enjoy the rest later. First, slip the collar of the Everwine on the neck of the bottle. Then insert the cork into the bottle and slide the collar up to the cork and twist it counter-clockwise to tighten. If you pull down slightly towards the end you should get a better seal. Turn the pour spout to the open position, towards the ‘X’. Using the pump, inflate the expansion envelope until the wine reaches the Everwine cork, but be careful to not inflate past this point with the spout open or this will happen. When the wine is about halfway into the neck of the bottle, close the pour spout, by turning it clockwise toward the ‘O’ marked on top. Pump two or three more times, then tilt the bottle, and with the spout pointed into a glass, open the spout briefly to release any remaining air and a splash of wine before quickly closing it again. The final step is to press the release button in the middle of the input valve to relieve any excess pressure before storing.

Now that all the air in the bottle has been removed, you can keep this wine for days, weeks, and even up to 6 months without any significant degradation in its taste. Since the cork is air tight the bottle won’t leak even if stored on its side. With the Everwine installed, it adds less than an inch to the bottle height allowing it to fit in most wine fridges and racks. Once the Everwine is on a bottle you can serve out of it without introducing air into the bottle. Just pressurize the bottle with 5 – 6 pumps, point the pour spout into a glass and twist it counter-clockwise to open. The wine will be aerated as it dispenses, eliminating the need to have the wine sit and breathe, so you can enjoy it right away.

So does it work? Here’s a bottle of red that preserved a couple days ago with the Everwine. So let me just pour myself a glass. And yeah, that’s still really good. So I’ll definitely be using it a lot more. A few things to note are that you can only use the Everwine with a standard 750 ml wine bottle and not screw top bottles. In larger bottles, the expansion envelope won’t fill up the space and will burst, and too small and you could puncture the expansion envelope. You’ll also want to remove any foil on the neck of the bottle which may interfere with the cork’s seal and make sure to gently wash the system by hand, taking care not to tear or scratch the expansion envelope, since the system is not dishwasher safe. When you’re down to the last glass of wine, simply remove the Everwine system and pour like normal. To remove, press and hold the pressure relief button and set the spout to open. After the expansion envelope is fully deflated, unscrew the collar, and gently walk the cork out of the bottle, then lift the collar off the neck of the bottle and wash all parts in warm water and allow to air dry completely, before storing in the included bag.

Overall, I found the Everwine to be really simple to use and care for and have found that wine preserved with it holds up in storage with little to no change in the taste or quality versus opening a new bottle. You can even serve and aerate out of the bottle until you’re ready to drink the last glass. Best of all, there are no consumables or cartridges so it produces no waste, and I don’t have to keep buying replacement parts.

Buy it at Amazon: Everwine Wine Preservation System by Stonevale Products [Affiliate Link]


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