Fontop Stainless Steel Glass Rinser Installation and Review

Fontop Stainless Steel Glass Rinser Installation and Review

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Takeaway: Easy to install, powerful jets, saves water, leak-free, durable and stylish looks.

You’ll receive an illustrated manual with detailed step-by-step installation instructions, a 2.5 foot flexible supply line and mini wrench, stainless steel base on a downward sloping angled wedge, actuator arm with stainless steel core and silicone top, mounting shank with pre-installed washers and nuts, and a T-adapter for your water line with two rubber washers.

The kit includes a small nylon washer that is meant to be installed over the spray nozzle, under the actuator to reduce friction, though technically it’s optional, and the unit functions fine without it. The small gray and orange rubber plug is a back check valve and should be installed with high-pressure water lines to prevent reverse flow that could potentially cause leaks when the water to the rinser stops flowing.

The glass rinser has a diameter of 5”, and length of 6” inches from the back to the front of the unit. The height it will sit above your countertop will be about 1.75”. The unit is made of solid stainless steel and feels durable and heavy-duty. It has a stylish brushed metal finish that will match other stainless fixtures and appliances. The unit activates when the actuator is pressed down and powerful jets of water emit in all directions from the small holes in the sprayer nozzle.

The assembly order will be the shank, then the base, the large rubber washer flat side up and ridge side down, metal washer, and lastly the brass nut. If you’re replacing an existing fixture like a soap dispenser, you’ll have to disassemble and remove it first which may involve unthreading mounting nuts or other components under the counter. Keep in mind that you’ll need at least 3.5” inches on center between fixture holes and 2.5” from the backsplash to the hole center in order to fit the base. In order for the water to drain out of the rinser into the sink, the lip has to extend over the edge of the sink, so the hole’s center should be within 3” of the sink’s edge.

To use, just place a glass over the actuator and press and hold down firmly. Powerful jets of water will shoot into the glass in all directions, reaching the bottom and all sides as long as the actuator is depressed, quickly rinsing out your glass in seconds. Because the base is angled into the sink, most of the water drains out of it, though there’s still a little left in mine, on top of the actuator and near the edge of the lip.

The rinser is water efficient as two presses dispense less than ¼ cup of water, versus traditional glass rinsing, which can use over a cup of water to rinse a single glass. The rinser works well with tall glasses too, like this champagne flute and the spray reaches all the way to the bottom of the glass. It’ll also work with mugs, wine glasses, and mason jars as long as the diameter of the vessel is less than 4.5”. My recommendation is to rinse with a series or quick bursts, rather than running the rinser for a few seconds. This is especially helpful when rinsing oddly shaped or narrow necks containers, as high volumes of water tend to pool in the bottle neck, preventing the jets from reaching the bottom of the vessel and potentially causing splashing.

Overall, this glass rinser was easy to install, works well, and cleans efficiently, rinsing my glasses quickly with less water than using the faucet. I also like that it looks great with my existing stainless steel fixtures and cleans up easily with a simple wipe with a dish cloth.

Buy it at Amazon: Fontop Stainless Steel Glass Rinser [Affiliate Link]


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