OKIOLABS A10 4K AI Autoframing Webcam Unboxing and Review

OKIOLABS A10 4K AI Autoframing Webcam Unboxing and Review

Buy it at Amazon: OKIOLABS A10 4K AI Autoframing Webcam [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Clear and clean video and audio, hi-res 4K wide lends, zoomable w/AI autoframing.

Full disclosure, OKIOLABS provided this webcam for my unbiased and honest review. In the box you’ll receive a “Thank you” card, illustrated quick start guide, mini desktop tripod, the A10 webcam with integrated USB-A cable, and a USB-C to USB-A port adapter.

The webcam has a brushed stainless steel front face, measures about 3-7/8” W x 1""H and has a sliding privacy cover over the lens. A status LED sits to the left side of the lens, and there are a pair of stereo microphones on the left and right-hand sides. On the back, the 6.5-foot USB cord is permanently attached, and it has an inline rocker switch for toggling on/off AI auto-framing. The camera sits on a 2.25” D adjustable clip base that rotates 360° and opens about 130° so that it can be clipped on top of a monitor or laptop screen. On the bottom is a ¼""-20 threaded mounting hole for attaching to a standard tripod like the included mini desktop tripod.

This tripod’s minimum height is 5-¾” and it has an adjustable ball head to help you set the angle and orientation of the camera. Its legs are extendable up to an 8.25"" height. This camera is basically plug-and-play by simply connecting the USB cable to an available full-sized USB-A port on your computer or laptop. However, if you don’t have one available you can convert a USB-C port to one using the adapter instead.

The camera is compatible with both Windows and Mac devices as well as Chromebooks. OKIOLABS recommends downloading their camera control app in order to adjust the camera’s settings. The stereo microphones on the webcam are quite sensitive and oftentimes will pick up a bit white noise, like the humming from my laptop’s fan or road noise from outside.

The lens of this webcam is 4K capable with a resolution of 3840x2160 and a field of view of 125°. It records at 30 fps with an f-stop value of 1.8. This is a fixed focus lens though, so there is no auto-focus; therefore as the subject moves closer to the lens, it may get a little bit blurry. One thing you should note is that the 4K max resolution is only achievable if the camera is not zoomed in or if the AI auto-framing is turned off. When these features are used the max resolution will be 1080p. The camera is also not able to produce 60 fps at any resolution.

The AI auto-framing is a neat feature because it detects faces and will follow a subject within the camera’s field of view by zooming in and cropping the frame so that the subject is always centered, even if the subject isn’t directly facing the camera (works with side profile!). Do note that there is a slight delay between subject movement and the camera following them, and the frame moves at a slow to moderate pace. The AI tries to keep the subject roughly the same size too, if possible, as they move closer or farther away from the camera. The camera doesn’t actually turn or pivot though, so if you do leave the field of view, it cannot follow you. What’s cool is that if you have more than 1 person on camera, the AI will detect the number of people on camera and will adjust to keep everyone within the frame as folks move around within the field of view.

The video’s framing does have a little bit a fish-eye effect where the corners of the video curve inward, like a sphere, due to the wide-angle lens. I also noticed that AI auto-framing doesn’t work in every app (even if the toggle is set to ‘on’) though is compatible with most common chat apps like Zoom and Skype. You can tell when auto-framing is turned on because the LED will be blue, and is green when that feature is off, while the camera is in use. Other camera settings like mirrored mode and zooming also did not work in the Windows Camera app. If you have custom color and image control settings that you use often, you can save it as a profile and apply whichever profile you need with a single click by selecting it from a dropdown menu.

Overall, the A10 is a really nice webcam that has very high-quality video. The audio is decent but the mic is a little bit sensitive for me so I would opt for using a separate mic for content creation; however, I think the onboard microphone works well for vlogging and video chats. The AI auto-framing feature is very cool and works well without moving the frame around excessively when following folks on screen. I feel that the automatic settings on this camera do a nice job reproducing well-lit and accurately colored images, though you can adjust and customize the colors and brightness a variety of ways to your liking and save these settings for later use. Even in low-level lighting the camera image is still very good though a tiny bit grainy, due to the extra gain added to brighten the image up to viewable levels. As long as you have a USB-A or USB-C port you should be able to use this webcam with a wide range of apps and devices.

Buy it at Amazon: OKIOLABS A10 4K AI Autoframing Webcam [Affiliate Link]


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