Elite Screens Yard Master Lite Outdoor Portable Projector Screen Assembly and Review

Elite Screens Yard Master Lite Outdoor Portable Projector Screen Assembly and Review

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Takeaway: Easy and quick assembly, lightweight and compact storage, bright white non-reflective surface for clear, colorful images.

The projection screen comes in a canvas zippered carrying bag with two hand straps and weighs about 8 lbs. Printed on the bag are a URL and QR code to an assembly video, as well as a few illustrations so you’ll always know how to put the screen together on-the-go.

Inside, you’ll find the fabric screen, two PVC inflatable weights, four adjustable tie down cords, two packs of plastic connectors w/eight metal lawn stakes, poles for assembling the frame: marked A, B and C, two rectangular metal feet, and a set of paper instructions. The frame is very easy to assemble and will take one person about 15 minutes to put together. When unfolding the screen fully making sure not to set it on anything that will stain or discolor the fabric.

The corners with the fabric loops attached will be the top corners and the pole assemblies slide into sleeves at the top, bottom, and sides of the screen. Take care not to pull or stretch the openings of the sleeves too much, as this can lead to breakage of the threads at the edges. When assembling, I found it easier to move the T-connector to the bottom pole of the frame before sliding the sides into the sleeves. Then attach the corner connectors at the top before reconnecting the side pole to the T connector at the bottom.

Once assembled, be careful to avoid bending or flexing the top or side sections once assembled to prevent damaging the connectors. To add the feet to the frame you may need to rotate it a bit to line up the hole in the mounting post with the holes in the C pole, though if you plan to use the inflatable weights with the screen, you’ll need to install the weight on the post first before connecting the foot. Just make sure the fill hole is facing up.

The viewable screen measures 108” across by 62” tall (16:9 ratio) giving you just about a 125” diagonal. The full height of the screen from the floor is 98” which was pretty close to my ceilings when used indoors. The screen should fit fairly taughtly to the frame and pull out most large folds and wrinkles. I only noticed a few wrinkles in the corners and minor ones from folding, however, since the screen is fabric, I found that the wrinkles can be removed or reduced with a fabric steamer.

The quality of the projection on this screen is pretty nice since it provides a plain, white, non-reflective background for you to project onto, allowing you to get a clear, sharp image with accurate colors and a wide range of contrast. One thing to note is that the metal feet don’t have pads or rubber on the bottom and the edges are thin and hard, so if you use this frame indoors, avoid dragging and sliding the frame to prevent damage to delicate flooring.

Also be mindful of the height of the screen as ceiling fixtures like fans or hanging lights may interfere with the projection. When used up against a wall, there is some noticeable background glow behind the screen, since the back of the screen is not opaque and will allow light to bleed through to the other side and reflect off the wall. The upside to this, is that you can also use the screen in a rear-projection setup, by placing the projector behind the screen and watching from the other side. Just be sure to set your projector to flip the image horizontally so you can display and read text in the correct orientation.

When setting up the screen outdoors, you’ll want to hook on two anchor lines to each fabric loop at the top corners of the frame and stake two tot he front and two to the back You’ll also want to stake the front and back of the feet into the ground and fill the inflatable weights with about 1.5 gallons of water to provide some extra weight and stability. Keep in mind that this light-duty screen can only handle gentle breezes and should not be used outdoors on windy days when winds exceed 4 mph.

This screen performs best outdoors after sunset without a lot of ambient light. The clean white surface allows the projector’s image to shine brightly with vivid, vibrant colors, and produce a clear picture. Note that if you do get a breeze though, the fabric may move and undulate a bit creating small ripples across the screen.

Overall, this portable #projection screen is a nice, affordable, light-duty screen that can be used both indoors and outdoors. While it lacks the rigidity and robustness of a heavier-duty frame or PVC screen, the aluminum frame and fabric are lightweight, can be assembled or disassembled by one person, and it packs up compactly for travel or on-to-go use.

Buy it at Amazon: Elite Screens Yard Master Lite Outdoor Portable Projector Screen [Affiliate Link]


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