Wildgrain Artisan Bread, Pastries, and Pasta Delivery Service First Unboxing and Review

Wildgrain Artisan Bread, Pastries, and Pasta Delivery Service First Unboxing and Review

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Takeaway: Bake-from-frozen easy, fast prep, ready in 45 minutes or less. Delicious fresh from the bakery results.

Wildgrain shipments are packed using eco-friendly recyclable insulating material with dry ice packs to keep them frozen during transportation. However, if there is any residual dry ice in your box, be sure to wear thermal insulated gloves when handling them to avoid frostbite injuries. The dry ice packs may also appear to be empty as the frozen CO2 sublimates to gas and is supposed to ship with just enough to ensure to keep the contents of the box stay frozen until they arrive at your doorstep. In my first box I received a 4-pack of croissants, a lifetime freebie in every box as part of the current promotion, a sourdough rosemary garlic loaf, 6-pack of pumpkin cinnamon rolls, slow fermented cranberry pecan bread, a box fettuccine, a box of tonnarelli, and a plain sourdough loaf. There was also a disposable gel icepack, which I'm going to keep for re-use.

Each product has cooking instructions printed right on the packaging alongside nutrition facts and ingredients, and Wildgrain products are made only with a few clean, simple ingredients and contain no preservatives. Since these products are bake-from-frozen, they don’t need to be thawed prior to making them, so make sure you have plenty of space in your freezer before you receive your shipment. You can also reschedule or skip shipments at any time during your subscription. The first thing I tried were the croissants which I made in my countertop oven; they were ready to eat in about 25 minutes. They turned out super light and fluffy with lots of flaky layers and filled my kitchen with the smell of fresh buttery goodness. Their delicate, light crispy outer layers envolop a soft, stretchy, airy center. They're okay just on their own, but I also enjoyed them with chocolate hazelnut spread, honey, and jam. For a more savory version, try it as a fried egg sandwich or with cheese and bacon. As a bonus, the first 50 folks to use my exclusive discount code when signing up using my affiliate link will get a FREE 4-pack of croissants in every shipment for the lifetime of your subscription.

The frozen pasta in my shipment cooked up quickly and easily. Making frozen pasta is pretty similar to making dried pasta, but it actually cooks a little bit faster in only 4-5 minutes. I like to save about a cup of the cooking water before draining the pasta, to use for thickening homemade pasta sauce, and I love that the box even recommends this as a tip since it’s something I’ve always done anyway. I found that the noodles are a little thicker than store-bought dried pasta, so these tend to have a bit more toothsome bite to them -- similar to thick cut lasagna noodles, which is perfect for al dente pasta lovers. The noodles were firm yet yielding and have a satisfying richness since it’s made with whole eggs and a bit of savoriness from the salted pasta water. The taste and texture of the tonnarelli was pretty much the same, though this is a square shaped extruded noodle, similar to spaghetti.

Next up, I had to try the pumpkin-cinnamon rolls. Again, it's super simple to bake these straight from the freezer without thawing. These were ready in about 30 minutes. The rolls are fairly dense, with an almost biscuit-like moist interior. As for the bread loaves, all of them are already cooked, so you're really just defrosting them in the oven and crisping up the crust. Including cooldown time, they're ready to cut into in around 45 minutes. If you prefer a softer crust, you can wrap the loaf in foil prior to baking though should remove it at the end of baking and bake for an additional 5 minutes. Each artisan loaf had a really nice crispy crust and inside they all had a medium density crumb (not too closed nor excessively open). The texture of the bread inside was moist and well-hydrated but not sticky. I store my fresh loaves in a linen bread bag as this helps retain some of the moisture to keep it from drying out too fast and going stale, but is also breathable to help prevent mold growth, as long as you finish it within a couples days to a week. Both the sourdough loaves were very similar in terms of crust and crumb and while slightly denser than one I would have made at home, but had a very pleasant texture, aroma, the right amount of tanginess.

Overall, all the products in my Wildgrain shipment were delicious and super easy to make with little to no preparation and were ready to eat in under 45 minutes. That’s way less time than it would have taken for me to make any of these products from scratch, but still with that amazing fresh-from-the-oven homemade taste. If you're interested in trying it out, redeem my exclusive discount code ‘ReviewedByPhil’ and get $10 off your first box and free croissants for life in every box you receive from your subscription (avilable to the first 50 new subscribers). Delivery is always free and after your first box, you can customize your shipments by substituting items or including optional add-ons up to 4 days before it ships.

Buy it at Amazon: Wildgrain Artisan Bread, Pastries, and Pasta Delivery Service [Affiliate Link]


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