Difficort Mens Swim Trunks with Compresion Liner Review

Difficort Mens Swim Trunks with Compresion Liner Review

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Takeaway: Soft with comfortable fit and non-irritating stretchy liner.

These are the swim trunks. The outseam is 16” and the inseam is 5”. I ordered a size small and it has a 31.5” circumference. The waistband is quite elastic and should comfortably accommodate a few inches more. For folks with smaller waists, like me, you’ll need to cinch and tie the drawstring for the best fit, since unfortunately, there is no smaller size. The outer garment’s fabric is a silky soft 95% polyester and 5% spandex, so it does offer a little bit of stretch.

There is a zippered pocket on either side and these zippers come with nylon string loops and plastic pulls. The inner lining of the pocket is your standard swimsuit mesh with small holes that allow water to drain out of them. The back of these shorts are plain and flat with no additional pockets or contouring.

The inside liner of this swimwear is a black 92/8 poly/spandex blend compression short that offers much more flexibility and stretchiness. The material is soft and smooth like yoga pants and fits almost like boxer briefs, though note that despite being marketed as men’s swimwear there is no pouch, contouring, or opening at the front of this liner.

The liner also features flat stitched seams that are smooth to the touch and have no rough edges, so you don’t have to worry about chafing or itchiness while wearing them.

Here’s how these fit on my 29” waist. The drawstring keeps these secured to my hips and the looseness of the fabric is breathable and comfortable overall. The pockets on the sides are deep and spacious, and there’s even a hidden pocket on the left thigh of the liner that’s large enough to hold a cell phone, which is nice because then you don’t have it weighing down your pockets. You can see that the compression liner hugs the skin closely, and there’s no bunching up or itchy scratchy seams. It feels pretty much wearing a lightweight, breathable boxer brief, though without any frontal support. The liner is several inches shorter than the outer layer so isn’t visible below the hemline.

These swim trunks are great for poolside and beach use because they are quick-dry and the outer layer dries in about 10-15 minutes depending on ambient temperature and humidity, though the lining typically takes a little bit longer.They come in a number of different color choices, but since this style has a white waistband, I found that it can stain or discolor easily from sweat and sunscreen. However, a couple dabs of stain remover before washing helps keep them looking clean and new. These trunks are machine washable in warm water, though should be hang dried.

Overall, I’m pretty happy with these swim trunks because they’re soft, comfortable, and dry pretty fast.

Buy it at Amazon: Difficort Mens Swim Trunks with Compresion Liner [Affiliate Link]


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