Silkworld Compression Liner Swim Trunk Review

Silkworld Compression Liner Swim Trunk Review

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Takeaway: Quick drying, comfortable, non-itchy swim trunk.

These are the swim trunks in black. The outer fabric is a smooth and soft polyester/spandex blend and it has a 17” outseam and 5” inseam. The size small fits waist sizes 30-31 thanks to its stretchy elastic waistband. Unfortunately, this is the smallest size they have, so if you have a slightly smaller waist, like me, you’ll need to cinch and tie the drawstring for the best fit.

There are zippered pockets on both sides though note the zipper pulls are quite small. The inside of the pockets have normal swimsuit mesh with holes that allow water to flow through. On the back of these shorts, there is a Velcro flap pocket on the right side and it has a small drain hole for water to escape.

The inner lining of these trunks is a black 92/8 poly/spandex blend compression short that is silky soft and stretchy. The material smooth and gentle on the skin and feels almost like wearing boxer briefs. The liner also has flat stitched seams inside that aren’t rough or scratchy which helps avoid any chafing and itchiness. Even though these are men’s trunks, note that the inner lining doesn’t have a pouch, opening, or ergonomic contouring at the front.

Here’s how I fit into them. For reference I have a 29” waist, and the drawstring kept these firmly secured without slipping or loosening. The pockets are easy to access and are fairly deep with a large capacity. While the back pocket is a little smaller, it’s still easy to get in and out of. The compression lining is form fitting without feeling tight or restrictive and this helps keep them in place rather than riding up and bunching. They’re also very smooth and soft on the skin and aren’t at all scratchy or irritating. On the left thigh of the lining is a hidden pocket that’s large enough for a smartphone. This pocket is ideal if you plan to be active like running or jogging, since you won’t have things bouncing around in the zippered pockets. While the snugness of the lining tends to build up a little heat, it’s moisture wicking and breathable which helps keep things more comfortable and feel a lot like wearing lightweight boxer briefs minus the frontal support. The liner sits a couple inches above the outer layer and isn’t visible past the hemline.

The fabric dries quickly, depending on air temperature and humidity levels and after about 15 minutes, the outer layer is dry to the touch, though the lining took a bit longer. These come in a few different colors and are machine washable in warm water, but should be hang dried.

Overall, I found these swim trunks to be comfortable and quick-drying with a pleasant fit. They were excellent for both poolside and beach use.

Buy it at Amazon: Silkworld Compression Liner Swim Trunk [Affiliate Link]


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