Maroon Cafe Racer Leather Jacket by Angel Jackets Review

Maroon Cafe Racer Leather Jacket by Angel Jackets Review

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Buy it at Amazon: Maroon Cafe Racer Leather Jacket by Angel Jackets [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Stylish, affordable, and comfortable quality real leather.

If you love leather outerwear like I do, you know there's no such thing as "too many" leather jackets. I've collected and worn nearly a dozen over the years, so I was happy to add one more to my closet when Angel Jackets reached out to me with an offer for a collaboration and sent me their Diamond Maroon CafĂ© Racer for free in exchange for an unbiased review. 

Their leathergoods facility is located in Pakistan and ships direct to the consumer, so there's no middleman, allowing them to offer their products at a lower price than you would find in retail stores. However, this didn't cause a significant delay in order fulfillment as my parcel arrived here in the US just after 3 days from the time I was notified that it shipped.

The jacket came with a re-usable dust-cover/storage bag. I had ordered the extra-small size as their sizing chart indicated this would be the best fit for my body measurements, a 35" at the chest and 28" at the waist.

The garment was carefully packaged and lined to prevent scratches to the finish and patina, and I found no flaws or defects with the workmanship. From seams to stitching, straight lines, and proportions, everything felt well-made and like a perfect fit. The deep, ox-blood red color is awesome, as I'd been looking for something a little bolder with a little more wow-factor than your standard brown or black (I have several of those already!) It's a got a slightly grittier distressed look with shades of gray rubbed in throughout along the edges and seams. The lambskin is smooth with very little visible grain, and has a soft stretch to it. 

My one and only complaint was the initial strong chemical odor emanating from it, as it had just come off the factory floor and was sealed up in a plastic bag for shipping, which likely concentrated and intensified the smell. While all leathergoods have residual odors from tanning and processing, typically they air out and dissipate as they sit on the retail store floors, but since this isn't possible in a direct-to-consumer transaction, the consumer bears the burden of airing out the garment.

I was fine with that though, and after leaving it hanging out in the open for several days that smell slowly started to fade away until it was hardly noticeable at all. Wearing it more often will also allow the smell to dissipate more quickly. 

This jacket features a short stand collar at the neck that fastens with a brass snap button and ring, like a choker collar. It's fitted with large zippers, YKK branded, each with twin-tailed leather pulls that are several inches long. The inner lining is polyester in the same color as the outer shell of the jacket and has a thin layer of batting in-between. There are deep pockets on either side of the inner chest that would fit a wallet, and an additional one, sized specifically for tall and narrow smartphones.

On the exterior chest, you'll find two zippered small pockets at the chest, and two more side pockets art the waist. You can reduce the waist diameter a couple inches using the brass buckle cinches at either hip. The back of the jacket is padded, spreading across the shoulder and upper-back and has this great-looking diamond/web quilted texture.

There are also elbow pads on the sleeves and snaps at the wrist with two positions for a wider or narrower fit. The jacket is quite fitted, which is a look that I like considering that I'm a bit on the leaner/shorter side with a small frame (I weigh 120 lbs and am 5 foot 4 inches tall). I didn't find the jacket extremely tight nor loose, and it gave me enough room to breathe and feel comfortable while moving without constricting my neck, arms, or chest. 

As for warmth, the jacket is on the thin side, but not cheaply so. It still feels very durable and provides protection from wind and chilly weather, without feeling stuffy or making me sweat. It's great for outerwear in spring and fall, though I'd avoid wearing it during wet or rainy weather as I would be concerned the color bleed or the finish stained with watermarks.

All in all, I'm really happy with the look and feel of this jacket and I'd like to thank Angel Jackets once again for sending it to me for free to try out.

Buy it at Amazon: Maroon Cafe Racer Leather Jacket by Angel Jackets [Affiliate Link]


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