Perlesmith Budget Universal Floor Speaker Stands PSSS6 Review

Perlesmith Budget Universal Floor Speaker Stands PSSS6 Review

Buy it at Amazon: Perlesmith Budget Universal Floor Speaker Stands PSSS6 [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to Assembly, Stable though Lightweight, Supports up to 22 Lb speakers.

You’ll receive four metal posts, a pair of threaded rods with two male ends, a pair of threaded rods with a male and female end, two tube base caps, two tube connectors, an accessories pack with hardware, stabilizer feet, and mini wrench, two small top glass plates measuring 7-3/4” square, two large glass base plates measuring 11-3/4” square and have four threaded posts in the corners on the bottom, and an assembly guide.

To assemble, start with the glass top plate and flip it upside-down, attach one of the threaded rods with a female end to the metal disc on the underside of the top plate, then install one of the rods with two male ends to the rod you just installed. Next, take one of the metal tubes, paying attention to which end has the opening for the speaker wire, and drop that over the rods with that opening towards the top plate. Slip the plastic connector ring onto the end of the tube and connect with another tube section with the hole for the wire facing the opposite end of the stand. At this point, you can feed your speaker wire through the tube assembly by dropping it in the top wire opening and retrieving it from the other side. Flip one of the glass base plates upside down and install either the hard metal spike feet for soft or carpeted flooring or the rubber stabilization feet for hard flooring. The rubber feet simply press onto the metal posts in the corners while the metal spike feet will screw into them instead. To attach the base plate, you’ll need the nuts and washers from the accessory pack; the lighter colored washers are nylon plastic and these should go against the glass, as they are softer and will help prevent damaged to the glass when tightening. Place one of the tube end caps onto the open end of the tube of the partially assembled stand, making sure the metal rod goes through the hole in the middle. Then place the base plate on, feet facing up and drop on the nylon washer, metal washer, and thread on the nut. Tighten with a wrench until snug, but be sure not to overdo it to avoid cracking the glass under too much tension. Repeat these steps for the second stand.

All in all, each stand takes only a couple minutes to assemble and once complete, feel sturdy and stable without any wobbling or looseness. The completed stands can each hold up to 22 lbs and are 28” tall from floor to the top plate surface making them the perfect height for 12” tall bookshelf speakers so their tweeters will be at ear-level when the listener is seated. You can optionally install the included foam isolation stickers to the top plate if your speaker housing will sit directly on top. However, since my speakers already have metal isolation feet on the bottom, I’m going to skip this step.

One thing you should be careful of is that your speakers will basically be freestanding on top of these stands and for me, the metal feet on a slippery glass surface means that my speakers are susceptible to sliding freely on the surface. My speakers also overhang the front and back of the top plate by about an inch and have only 4 tiny points of contact and a small amount of clearance to the edges of the plate. The stand only weighs about 8 lbs on its own, so I have to be super careful about bumping into it to avoid knocking the speaker off. Be wary of things like pets or robot vacuums as these could jostle or shake the stands enough to send your speakers tumbling, so you may want to secure them using Blue tack or another temporary adhesive solution.

The look of them is really clean and modern, though placing a media console between them would help hide some of the wiring to the receiver. It’s great that the wires are fed through the stand tube so that they’re not visible. The height of these positioned our Martin Logan Motion 2 B10 bookshelf speakers perfectly to get the best sound quality for our home theater. Do be mindful that by design your speakers sit atop a slippery glass plate, and you may want to take extra steps to secure it, though if your speakers are out of the way in a low traffic area and won’t be disturbed by pets, kids or robots, they should be pretty safe.

Overall, for a budget set of speaker stands, they do the job of getting our speakers to the right height decently and their assembly was super quick and simple. They can be used on both carpeted and hard flooring by simply changing the feet and have a plain but clean and stylish look.

Buy it at Amazon: Perlesmith Budget Universal Floor Speaker Stands PSSS6 [Affiliate Link]


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