Bluetooth Remote Controller Ring JX-05 from TEMU Review

Bluetooth Remote Controller Ring JX-05 from TEMU Review

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Takeaway: Easy to setup and use to control a smartphone for selfies, social media, and other apps.

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This is the JX-05 wireless Bluetooth Remote Control Ring. It comes in three colors, black, white, or pink. The included manual has English instructions printed on the back. The ring is made from a lightweight, sturdy plastic and mine came with a USB-C charging cable, but there’s also a wireless charging version available that includes a charging case instead. It has 4 rubber arrow buttons on top and a 5th center key. On one side is the USB-C charging port and on the other a status indicator LED (front of the ring). If we look at the ring with the front oriented to the right, the top arrow is up, the bottom down, and left and right arrows respectively. To charge the ring, plug the included cable into the side, then plug into any powered USB port and the LED will illuminate red. Note that the LED doesn’t change when the ring is fully charged, which takes about 2 hours. On a full charge it has a continuous run time of around 48 hours.

The ring comes in one size that is a little less than 7/8” diameter or around a US ring size 10.5. While rather large, most folks will want to use it on their dominant hand’s index finger. Using it while up towards the third knuckle is a little awkward but not impossible. You can also use your other hand to press the buttons. I prefer to slide it down to my first knuckle and press the keys with that hand’s thumb, which I found easy and convenient. To turn the ring on, press and hold the center button for a few seconds and the LED should start flashing blue when it’s ready for pairing.

There is no specific app needed for the ring, simply go into your phone’s Bluetooth settings and pair with the device called JX-05. Once paired, the status light changes to a solid blue. On my Android phone, long pressing the up and down buttons will increase or decrease volume, while long pressing right locks the phone, and long pressing left exits the current app and returns to the home screen. Within certain apps it can perform other functions as well. For example, in my camera app, up and down changes between front and back camera, the left and right buttons allow me to cycle through the different camera modes, while short pressing the center button activates autofocus, and long pressing it takes a photo or starts/stops video. This makes it great for setting up hands-free selfies or video remote control from a distance.

In social media apps like Instagram or TikTok, short pressing the up and down keys to quickly scroll through content and I can double-click the center button to like a post. If you’re watching video, short pressing the center button will play or pause the video, and the left and right buttons will perform whatever action a left or right swipe does in that particular app. When not in use, simply slide it up your finger for an easy way to carry and forget about it until it’s needed again. To turn the ring off, press and hold the center button for 3 seconds.

Overall, this ring remote control is lightweight, easy-to-use, and pretty handy. You can use it to control a number of functions on your phone, like volume control, snapping selfies, and navigate apps and social media from a distance without having to touch or tap your screen.

Buy it at Amazon: Bluetooth Remote Controller Ring JX-05 from TEMU [Affiliate Link]


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