Cuktech P+ Series 40000mah Power Bank Review

Cuktech P+ Series 40000mah Power Bank Review

Buy it at Amazon: Cuktech P+ Series 40000mah Power Bank [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Compact, high powered, easy-to-use, versatile and portable.

You’ll receive the power bank, a 20” USB-C charging cable, and an instruction manual. This is the power bank, it measures 3-3/8” deep by 3.25” wide and 4” tall. The device is compact but dense weighing nearly 2.5 lbs. A swivel handle is built-in, though note that like the housing, it is made of plastic and not metal. On top you’ll find a wireless charging area, the back is vented for heat dissipation, and on the bottom is a large rubber foot to keep the unit from sliding. Most of the front of is an LCD with a 4” diagonal, and along the bottom are a USB-A Out 1 with a max output of 22.5W, USB-C In/Out 2 with max output of 100W, USB-C In/Out 3 with 140W max, and USB-A Out 4 with 120W max. The wireless charging pad on top supports a 20Watt max output, which is suitable for fast-charging. The overall maximum output when using any combination of these ports is 300 peak Watts, and continuous stable charging values may actually be lower.

The thin rectangle in the middle with the Cuktech logo is the display toggle and pressing it lights up the display. The large number in the middle is the remaining battery life of the power bank which is also reflected by the completeness of the segmented ring around the number. You can only use one of the USB-C ports at a time to charge the power bank, so for example, if I plug my 65Watt power brick into port 2, you can see that the device starts charging and shows an input wattage of around 65. When I plug my 45 Watt charge into port 3, this value doesn’t change, but if I unplug the first charger, you can see the input wattage drops to around 45. Note that the maximum input wattage it can accept is 140 Watts which is only available through port 3.

For fast-charging devices like my smartphone and Chromebook, I can connect these directly to the USB-C ports that deliver the amount of power needed. The total output wattage is shown in the bottom right corner of the LCD. As you connect more devices to charge via the USB ports, the total output value will change accordingly. During operation, the LCD will dim after a period of inactivity, but you can bring it back to full brightness by pressing the toggle button, which will also activate the charging pad and USB-A. Short pressing the button again turns off the LCD, however it will continue charging any connected devices. To fully shut off power and charging, disconnect your devices and press and hold the button for several seconds.

When I place my Samsung A21 that supports wireless charging on top, you can see that it starts charging right away, and LCD brightens and displays the wireless charging icon. You’ll also notice the output voltage here is only 4 Watts, and the strength of the wireless charging will depend on how well your device’s wireless charging area is aligned with the charging pad on the power bank and if there is any interference, like a case on your phone. If I slide it over, I can get a better output of 12 Watts.

If you find that the USB-A ports are shutting off after 30 seconds, you’ll need to enable HUB mode by double pressing the LCD toggle. The HUB icon in the top left will show and the USB-A ports will continuously discharge low-current power allowing you to charge low-powered devices like Bluetooth headphones and wear-ables like my smart ring. This mode also allows you to connect additional peripherals to a computer or laptop, using bi-directional communication using USB-C port 3, giving you two additional USB-A ports to connect additional input or storage devices. However, note that HUB mode will only stay active for 2 hours before automatically shutting off.

This power bank has a total capacity of 40,000 mAh, enough for around 8-10 full charges of most current flagship smartphones. It charges quickly, in as little as 2.5 hours with a 140 Watt charger, is small and portable, and provides a number of different ways to connect and charge various high-powered devices including tablets and laptop.

Buy it at Amazon: Cuktech P+ Series 40000mah Power Bank [Affiliate Link]


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