Perlegear Floor Speaker Stands PGSS9-1 Assembly and Review

Perlegear Floor Speaker Stands PGSS9-1 Assembly and Review

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Takeaway: Quick and simple to put together, perfect height for bookshelf speakers, sturdy and stable.

These speaker stands require a little assembly, however, it's pretty straightforward and only takes a few minutes to setup. You’ll receive 2 MDF wood bases, with a black wood grain finish, and a rectangular cutout in the middle. The base measures 11-3/4” square and ½” thick. On the bottom, there are four brass threaded inserts around the cutout and one in each corner of the board for the assembly screws. The top plates are made glossy black tempered glass and measure 7-3/4” square and ¼” thick. On the bottom is a metal bracket blued to the center of the plate.

The posts come in 2 sections each, the upper and lower halves. These are made from sheet metal and have a matte black painted exterior. The upper posts have an elliptical cutout near the top with a rubber guard which will allow you to pass your speaker wires through the center column without being cut or damaged by the metal edge around this opening. The lower posts are attached to a rectangular foot. To connect the uppers and lowers together, we’ll use these plastic connectors which have threaded inserts on both sides for the two sections of the post. This is the accessories pack with screws, isolation feet, and rubber adhesive pads. The assembly instructions have illustrations and are pretty easy to follow.

If you have carpeted or soft flooring like an area rug, you'll want to use the metal spike feet which attach to the bottom corners of the bases. They simply thread into the inserts and are designed to stabilize and isolate the stand from your floors. If you have hard floors, you’ll want to also add the clear rubber feet which you simply press onto each of the metal spikes. After assembling the center column and top plate tot he base, place four of the rubber adhesive pads onto the glass top plate, one at each corner, making an 'X'. These help cushion and isolate the speaker from the stand as well as create a non-slip surface for it to sit on since the speaker won’t be attached to the stand in any way.

Since my Martin Logan speakers have metal isolation feet on them already and these didn’t line up well with the rubber pads, I decided to remove them so that the speaker wouldn’t be sliding around freely on the glass top. This allowed the speakers to sit firmly on the pads, and I found that they were pretty secure and didn’t move at all when pushed. They don’t move an inch or wobble when my robot vacuum bumps into them, making me feel confident my speakers won’t slide off if someone bumps the stand. The speaker cable can be run through the column of the stand to hide the wire, and you simply retrieve the wire from underneath so that you can hook it up to your receiver, sub, or amplifier.

These stands can hold up to 22 lbs each and feel stable and sturdy. They are 26.5” high from the floor to the top surface; the perfect height for my bookshelf speakers positioning the tweeters at ear-level when I’m sitting in front of them. They have a simple and practical look to them and while not high-end, serve their purpose well as I don’t have a media console to raise my speakers off the floor. The speakers are placed at the right height for the best listening experience in my home theater and help them produce interference-free sound that’s not muddied or distorted by surface vibrations.

Buy it at Amazon: Perlegear Floor Speaker Stands PGSS9-1 [Affiliate Link]


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