USB Cup Warmer Hot Plate vs USB Heated Mug Comparison and Review

USB Cup Warmer Hot Plate vs USB Heated Mug Comparison and Review

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Takeaway: The heated mug is more effective at keeping your drink piping hot, but lacks an internal battery.

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I purchased a USB powered cup warming plate to keep my drinsk warm at my desk because I liked that I would be able to use my own coffee mugs with it. It comes with a 4 ft long microUSB cable that you can plug into any powered USB port and a simple instruction card explaining the functions. The warming plate measures 5"L x 4.5"W and is 0.75" high. On the bottom are 4 foam feet, a vented fanless heat exhaust, and a gravity switch which is triggered when a cup 150 grams or 5.25 oz or heavier is placed on top. The surface area of the tempered glass hotplate is about 3-3/4 inches square. On the front panel are the touch controlled power button, indicator LEDs for high, medium, and low, and a 1 hour drink reminder with LED.

TEMU sent me an electric heating mug with a clear acrylic sip-top lid for free to try. The mug is made of metal and has gold electrical induction rings on the bottom to power the electronics inside the base. The mug appears to be double-wall insulated, though I don’t think the air gap in between the layers is vacuum sealed. The lid has a rubber gasket and creates a tight seal. You’ll also receive a powered saucer base with two contact pins and a 5 ft USB-C cable. The saucer’s power port is on the side just below the rim near the charging contacts and the mug only heats up when it is placed in the base.

My espresso machine pumps out piping hot espresso at around 142° F, and I placed an espresso shot on the hot plate to see how well the temperature would hold after 30 minutes. It turns out that the hot plate isn’t very efficient at transferring its heat to the cup. The hot plate surface did get very hot, and while my thermometer showed it to be around 210° F, the temperature of the coffee dropped off to around 112° F. The hot plate also automatically switched to medium heat after about 5 minutes, as I think the hot plate simply became too hot. I poured the cooled off coffee from the hot plate into the heated mug and simply set it on the saucer to heat up. The starting temperature was 114°F an when I measured it again after 15 minutes, the coffee was 117°F, so not only did the mug hold the temperature steady, it actually went up a few degrees. I found that after 1.5 hours, the maximum temperature the drink could reach in the heated mug was around 141°F or 60.5°C.

In conclusion, if your hot drinks like coffee or tea have a habit of going cold at your desk, your best bet seems to be to go with a mug that has a built-in heating element in the bottom to keep it warm. The warming plate sounds like a good idea since you can bring your own mug to the party, but it ends up warming your cup more than it does your drink. The other nice thing about the heater mug is that the outside of the cup doesn't get that hot even while the heating element is on, and it comes with a sliding sip-cover lid to prevent your drink from splashing while you’re walking around with it. However, the mug doesn’t have an internal battery and will only heat your drink while it’s seated in the coaster, which has to be plugged into a powered USB port.

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