ChefIQ Smart Electric Pressure Cooker Review

ChefIQ Smart Electric Pressure Cooker Review

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Takeaway: User-friendly, automatic updates, guided cooking, versatile functions.

You’ll receive the pressure cooker, 4 ft power cord, wire steam rack with handles, a pair of silicone hot mitts, plastic soup spoon and rice paddle, and an instruction manual and safety guide. There are a number of safety stickers on the lid that you can remove or simply leave in place as reminders, but you do need to remove and discard the blue tape over the pressure regulator knob. Turning the knob sets it to the ‘Venting’ position or ‘Sealed’ positions. The small red float valve adjacent to the pressure regulator indicates whether or not the cooker is pressurized and when the unit is under pressure this indicator will rise up and seal the steam inside at the same time. At the back of the unit you’ll find a removable condensation cup which collects any liquid that drains from the grooved rim which should be emptied and cleaned between uses. A spring loaded pin helps the cooker detect when the lid is opened or closed; if this pin gets stuck for any reason, simply reach underneath and pop it up with your finger.

The lid of the pressure cooker unlocks with a counter-clockwise twist and inside you’ll find a measuring cup, steam basket with handle, and non-stick inner bowl. Remember to remove the protective paper under the bowl before first use. The pressure cooker has a non-stick interior with a pressure activated heating element in the middle. And the rice paddle or soup spoon can be stored in the small holder on the right-hand side of the base.

Along the inside of the removable bowl are capacity indicators from 4-20 cups in 2 cup increments and 1-4 liters in ½ liter increments. Note that the max fill lines for pressure cooking versus other modes like slow cook are marked accordingly. To replace the lid, set it on top at a slight rotation and turn it clockwise to lock. The lid can be stored in either of the handles on the side when not in use. Towards the rear of the unit is the power port for the power cable. When you plug in the unit for the first time, it will prompt you to download the CHEF IQ app to set up the Smart Cooker, so you will need a smartphone or tablet to set the unit up, as there is no way to bypass this screen. However, once initialized, you can use the Smart Cooker without the app through the onboard controls. Also note that there is no power button and once plugged in the unit stays on, though it will enter a sleep mode after a few minutes of inactivity.

When you launch the app, you’ll need to register an account with Chef IQ and connect it to your WiFi network, so you’ll be able to control it over your internet connection. It’ll also update its firmware automatically. Once that’s done, setup is complete and you can use the Smart Cooker with or without the app.

Note that the LCD is not a touch screen. To the sides of the screen are the menu and mode selections: Pressure Cook, Sear/Sauté, Steam, Slow Cook, Favorites, and More. Just tap on the one you want and the display will show you the options for it accordingly. Then use the control wheel below the screen and press it to select. There may be a sub-menu to further specify what you are cooking. Before you start the cooking program, you can make adjustments to any of the settings to suit your needs or recipe. At any time, you can press the scale key just above the knob and measure the weight of ingredients added to the cooker. Press the knob to zero the scale before adding and measuring more ingredients.

The pre-set quick selections in each mode are different as applicable. For pressure cooking, you'll need to add at least 1/2 cup of liquid prior to starting this cooking program. Cook time can be set anywhere from 1 minute to 4 hours in pressure cook mode or 24 hours for slow cook mode. You can select low or high pressure settings, activate keep warm which keeps your food at 165 degrees Fahrenheit for up to 72 hours, choose a delayed start, in 15 minute increments up to 24 hours (be sure you follow food safety guidelines), and set the pressure release behavior: quick, pulse, and natural.

For pressure cooking, the unit will pre-heat in order to come up to pressure and displays its progress as a percentage; this typically takes about 10-15 minutes. When the unit comes up to pressure, the red float valve next to the regulator pops up and the lid will be locked to prevent accident pressure release. Then the cook timer starts counting down. There’s also a ring shaped progress bar around the time that shortens as the timer runs down. After the timer runs out, it will beep for 10 seconds to warn you that it is about to release the pressure. For the Quick release method, the steam will vent all at once, automatically, so there’s no need for you to manually turn the valve to venting. This helps protect you from accidental burns as you don’t want your hands near the hot steam as it exits the valve. When all the pressure is released, the float valve will drop down, the LCD will display this message, and the unit enters keep warm mode, if you have that option enabled.

From the app, you can look up recipes, browse for new ideas, and even mark your favorites for quick reference. Once you’ve found a recipe you want to make, you can view the video guided step-by-step instructions how to prepare and cook the dish in your Smart Cooker. It’ll even send the recommended settings to the machine over your WiFi, so all you need to do is add follow along and occasionally tap ‘Next’. It’s like having a pro chef helping you out every step of the way. There’s a whole bunch of categories and daily recommendations to keep things fresh and interesting. I use this cooker a lot, like the searsauté mode to brown ground beef for tacos and chili, then switch over to slow cook mode when I add the rest of the ingredients. It also makes great pasta, rice, hard boiled eggs, and even yogurt!

It’s probably one of the most used small appliance I have in my kitchen due to its versatility and when it’s a great way to make one pot meals to cut down on the number of pot and pans used and is a lot faster and more energy efficient than using the stove.

Buy it at Amazon: ChefIQ Smart Electric Pressure Cooker [Affiliate Link]


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