Fezibo Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk (Model S8) Review

Fezibo Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk (Model S8) Review

Buy it at Amazon: Fezibo Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk (Model S8) [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Straight forward assembly, quite/powerful motor, easy to adjust with 4 custom one-touch settings.

My computer’s been set up at the dining room table for a while now, but because it’s so tall and I am not, it’s not ergonomically ideal, and that’s been putting a lot of strain on my back and shoulders. So I decided to try a height adjustable desk so that I could make it as low as I need when sitting and also change it up easily if I want to stand and work to take a break from sitting.

The desk comes disassembled so you'll have to put it together yourself, however, it's pretty straight forward and I was able to complete it on my own in under an hour. The frame of the desk consist of sturdy steel columns, bars, and support brackets in a smooth, matte, painted finish. I ordered the 48""x24"" size in rustic brown in and the top of this desk comes in two pieces, connected via dowels and flat bracket connector plates. You'll also receive a keyboard tray in a matching finish with hanging hardware and sliders, and accessories pack with hardware and a few tools (mini wrenches and Allen keys). You do receive one extra of each piece in case you need a spare. A couple tips I have are to assemble the desktop facedown on the floor, this way you don't have to pick it up to move it or flip it over after it's assembled. You'll be performing most of the assembly with the tabletop upside down since most of the pieces need to be screwed onto the bottom of the desktop. At the very end of assembly, you'll flip over the desk.

The desk comes with two optional plastic J-hooks that you can use as headphone and accessory hangers, one on each side of the desk (per the pre-drilled holes). You can of course, drill more holes wherever you need to, however, I would avoid putting in screws and taking them out as the MDF material is quite crumbly and once a cavity is created, it's difficiult to mount a screw in the same spot. You really only get one shot at each mounting point.

The pre-installed plastic stud feet add 1/2"" height to the desk but are also adjustable about ¾"" so you can level the desk if your floors are uneven. Alternatively, you can replace them with the plastic wheel casters, but note that this will increase the minimum height of the desk by about 2”. Each of the casters has a lock tab that, when engaged, prevents the wheels from spinning freely. Note however, that the wheels are hard plastic and may leave scuff or scratch marks on your floors. Since I need the height of the desk to be at its absolute lowest and don't really need to move the desk around, I used the stud feet.

The keyboard tray is adjustable in height as well, once assembled, and if you need the tray to be lower, simply install the bracket higher up. There are three positions you can choose from, and I don’t recommend going past the third hole, as the connection may not be super secure. Just ensure that you’ve set each bracket to the same height. When assembled the controller will be positioned on the right-hand side of the desk. While the entire frame could be flipped around so the motor and controller are on the left-hand side, note that there are no pre-drilled holes for the controller on that side.

Three stick-oin zip ties are included for cable management. If you need to route cables from the top of the desk underneath, press and rotate the spring loaded tab in the cover plates in either corner of the desk, and you’ll be able to feed small cables through. For larger cables and plugs, you can simply pop the cover off, put the wire through, and replace the cover afterwards. The diameter of the opening is 1-3/4”. I like that if you don’t need to use it, the opening in the cover pops back into place and is relatively flat.

The height I chose for the keyboard tray (middle position) is 4-3/8” below the surface of the main desk. The tray is 23” wide and 9-3/4” deep giving me enough space for my ten-keyless keyboard and mouse, though wider full keyboards would leave you with much less mouse space. The backstop tabs prevent your keyboard from sliding off the back of the tray, but only if it sits flat on the surface. If your keyboard is raised, the bracket may not be tall enough. The other thing is that the depth is somewhat shallow and didn’t fit my mousepad, as you can see it hangs off the front. I could slide it back over the backstop tab or perhaps turn it horizontally, however, then my keyboard would be lopsided as one side would sit on top of the mousepad.

When fully assembled the minimum desktop height is 29” from the floor, 23.5” deep and 47” wide, so just shy of the advertised measurements. To raise and lower the desk, press and hold the up or down keys respectively and the desk will quietly lift or lower until the button is released. To save a height setting to one of the 4 one-touch buttons, simply press and hold it until the number on the screen flashes. You can also adjust the height in small increments by short pressing the up and down keys. The shortest setting is 28.5” and the highest is 46.4”, though keep in mind you’ll need to add in the height of the feet or casters to determine the final height. If you need to restrict the height range of the desk for clearance reasons, you can set a custom high and low setting that the desk will not exceed. The control pad can also be locked by long pressing the 1 and 2 buttons at the same time for 3 seconds. If you want to change from Imperial measurements in inches to metric, press and hold the 1 and 3 buttons for 3 seconds and the display will show the height in centimeters.

One addition I made to the desk is I attached a power strip, using double-sided tape, to the back of the leg next to the motor where I can plug in all the devices on my desk, including the desk motor itself. This is because as the desk moves up and down, I didn’t want to worry about wires being pulled out of a power strip sitting on the ground, or getting tangled. If you do have things on top of the desk plugged into something underneath, like a desktop tower, remember to leave enough slack in your wires to accommodate any height changes because if your cables are too short they will pull out or could be damaged. I also found the headphone hangers on the side to be pretty convenient, though I wish the width were a bit wider to accommodate the entire headband of my headset.

I was impressed with the smoothness and relative noiselessness of the motor, which ramps up and down at the beginning and end of moving so that there’s little vibration and no jerkiness. I wasn’t however, able to get the anti-collision feature to work, so just be cautious if you’re expecting this feature to prevent the desk from striking or crushing something underneath. The finish on the MDF surface is also quite nice, with a stylish look, a smooth matte feel. There is a tiny seam where the boards meet, but I don’t mind it, though there is slight a gap at the ends about 1/32” wide which isn’t a deal breaker for me.

With this desk, now I can work at my computer with proper ergonomics and posture, and when I want a break from sitting, I can press one button to bring the desk up to the height I need to work from a standing position comfortably. I've noticed already that my back and shoulders are considerably less tired after a long day of work at the computer. I can also store my office chair completely under the desk at the end of my work day. The desk was affordable, works great, and I was able to put it together in under an hour.

Buy it at Amazon: Fezibo Electric Height Adjustable Sit Stand Desk (Model S8) [Affiliate Link]


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