.ORG NeverRust Shower Caddy Review (Zenna Home)

The Best Shower Caddy I've Ever Used

Buy it at Amazon: ZennaHome NeverRust Shower Caddy [Affiliate Link]

Takeaway: Easy to install, nice finish, won't rust, but shakes a bit and has low middle shelf.

The .ORG NeverRust Shower Caddy Review by Zenna Home is hands down the most durable and useful caddy I've ever used. The .ORG brand from Bed Bath & Beyond is identical to the Zenna Home one.

Pro tip: When installing the suction cups, I think you're supposed to put them on the bottom rack on the two lower sections, but the grout lines on my wall prevented me from doing so. Note that putting both suction cups in the middle of the bars allows the caddy to slide left and right so I recommend you choose two different racks and offset the cups to opposite sides for stabilization. Don't remove the plastic clip on the top! This will help the unit grip the shower head pipe. If your pipe's diameter isn't large enough and the top slides, try wrapping plumber's Teflon tape around the pipe. Also, if you don't have a horizontal section of your shower head, this hanging caddy probably isn't going to work for you. The recessed sections on the front of the top and middle shelf are built-in razor holders!

Buy it at Amazon: ZennaHome NeverRust Shower Caddy [Affiliate Link]


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